Minotti – The Event @ Salone Milan 2013

Minotti – The Event @ Salone Milan 2013

minotti bus to meda

At this year’s Milan Fair, Minotti defined itself by the quality and impact of its new products.

Many of the most compelling pieces, introduced last month with the 2013 Minotti collection by Rodolfo Dordoni, brilliantly reinterpret the look of the 1960′s and 1970′s.

However the highlight of Minotti’s presence at the Salone 2013 was not at Rho Fairgrounds where the public could attend, but back at Minotti’s factory / showroom in Meda, just outside of Milan where a second showroom presentation ( with extras ) awaited the lucky few invited guests

minotti showroom

A special event was created by Minotti Headquarters for the international dealer network who were in Milan for the Salone and their specially invited designer guests

Dedece was fortunate to be able to bring along for the ride ( pun intended) a small number of Minotti afficienados from Australia.

The meeting in Meda between the key international dealers and their guests and Minotti’s management and staff, was very fruitful and provided a welcome occasion to cultivate cooperation, teamwork, dedication and positive ideas.

minotti 2013 showroom


minotti the event video intro


minotti at meda

on the last bus back to milan

the Australian designers ( as is usual ) caught the last bus back to Milan


Minotti Monobrand Stores Network 2013

Minotti’s retail network engages more than sixty nations and right now numbers twenty-eight monobrand stores.

This video below chronicles the now widespread diffusion of the Minotti flagship network all over the world.

minotti monobrand stores

click on the photo above to see the minotti 2013 monobrand video


The flagship showrooms are where the brand’s expressive language is best conveyed; they present the variety and richness of the Minotti collections in refined architectural settings, where everything plays a part in creating a true brand experience.

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, from New York to Sydney, from Sao Paolo to London, just to mention a few of the cities that host a monobrand store, all the showrooms are constantly reorganised to display the company’s most recent collections.


Minotti’s Salone Show

minotti  entry

This is what the Salone visitors saw at Minotti’s impressive, large-scale exhibit in Hall 7 of the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho.



Minotti 2013 Collection Catalogue

minotti catalogue coverThe wealth and variety of products that comprise the Minotti2013 collection, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni and launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, are presented in an exhaustive display of options and arrangements in the new dedicated catalog.

The paperback volume contains more than three hundred pages that depict each product in multiple versions, photographed in eye-catching settings, designed to showcase the bold and unmistakable personality of each product, but also the versatility that allows them to be paired with other elements from the collection to create design-distinctive interior projects.

The extensive photo gallery is followed by a vast detailed section with the drawings, dimensions and technical details for each product, along with recommendations for creating compositions with the new seating systems.



Among the significant new proposals of this year’s Minotti collection was “White”, a sectional sofa which combines up to 80 modules, offering maximum layout flexibility. The “White” modules can easily be split and arranged in an L-shape or just as well pushed into one long sofa.

Upholstering, available in a wide variety of colours, can be either in leather or textured fabric or in a mix of leather and fabric. Cushions, both leather or fabric covered, are reversible. Armrests, whether padded, lacquered or leather covered can be turned, so either side can be used.


The new “Spencer” collection comprises 2- and 3-seater sofas complemented by matching armchairs, beds and other ancillary pieces.

Enticing new Minotti products presented at the Milan Fair were the “Connors” sideboard and “Dalton” Bookshelves.

The preferred material implemented in this year’s collection is rosewood, either polished or matt.

minotti lifescape

Minotti also introduced the Le Parc collection, which relates to the manufacturer’s Lifescape indoor/outdoor range of products. Le Parc includes 2- and 3-seater sofas with matching armchairs, tables, chairs and benches. Finish can be in black or white. Upholstering is in water-resistant fabric and padding is provided in an excellent outdoor quality.



The news catalog was presented at the Salone del Mobile in conjunction with the launch of the new collection and is now in distribution by all the authorized dealers.

The Minotti 2013 collection as presented at the Salone del Mobile, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, is now available online here.

minotti 2013

minotti 2013

minotti 2013

minotti 2013 d

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