Minotti Presence ( Pt 2 / 2 ) revised @ Salone Milan 2014

Minotti Presence ( Pt 2 / 2 ) revised @ Salone Milan 2014

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The Minotti 2014 exhibition stand project revisits the concept of “destructured architecture”

Minotti skillfully creates spaces through the use of dividing walls, that interact among themselves through an interplay of differing heights and overlapping various elements, and a blending of materials and finishes designed to produce a dynamic separation of the various settings, in which the new products from the 2014 collection are displayed.

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The eye-catching allure of the dividing elements lies in Minotti’s sophisticated choice of materials and finishes, ranging from burnished brass, to the walls that recall the doric design – revisited with a modern twist in the typical Minotti grey – to the chestnut panelling, and to the glossy lacquered partition walls in shades of granite or chalk white.

These elegant juxtapositions of materials and colours introduce a modern decorative note that calls to mind various styles: from the more classic to art deco, always revisited with a modern twist, thanks to the interpretive ability of Minotti to pick up and often anticipate trends.

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The floors are enhanced with the classic cement effect, easily recognizable as Minotti style, made even more contemporary by the presence of many Dibbets rugs – in the new tonneau shape – that add their own statement to the surprising dynamism that sets this year’s project apart.

Even before entering the stand, the mood of sophisticated contemporary decor can be felt, epitomizing the spirit of the 2014 collection,

This then very accurately conveys the many facets of Minotti’s aesthetic language – architectural, decorative, stylistic and product

All immediately transferrable to the company’s highly-recognizable and appreciated international image in over 70 countries where Minotti is present


Ground Floor

stand ground floor


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 Transition Zone

dedece minotti salone 2014

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First Floor

stand 1st floor


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2014 Product Collections

Click on the photo to see Part 1 / 2 of Minotti’s presence in Milan 2014

The 2014 Collection reflects a cosmopolitan spirit, shuns the serial and shows a strong link with tradition.

Among proposals and tailored upholstered outdoor , Rodolfo Dordoni has coordinated a collection consistent with the values ​​of the brand: – tangible values ​​such as quality, style and comfort speak a language timeless and universal, and flow into a collection that stands in perfect balance product design, taste for decoration and a refined interior design


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  1. Emma - April 29, 2014

    Awesome Furniture choice !
    I would love to meet the designer who has created a marvelous sample of interior designing.
    I am very fond of interior design, so I know it takes a lot of efforts to transform a regular site to a beautiful place !

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