Tom Dixon ( PT 2 / 2 ) revised @ Salone Milan 2014

Tom Dixon ( PT 2 / 2 ) revised @ Salone Milan 2014

tom dixon

Last week markeds leading UK brand Tom Dixon‘s debut within the Milan Rho Fair Grounds for the Salone,

Tom abandoned his spectacular city fringe MOST location of previous years ( see Tom 2103 here and here  & Tom  2012 here, and here ) and this year he triumphantly entered the main pavilions, where he presented his new “British Members Club” furniture, lighting and accessory collections

He reminded me a bit like ……  Julus Ceasar returning to Rome, after having conquered far away France and Spain !!!

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Tom Dixon is still on a mission to design, illuminate and furnish the future with innovative lighting, furniture and accessories of longevity, simplicity and a materiality inspired by Britain’s unique heritage.

tom dixon stand 3

For 2014 his theme was based upon the archetypical British Members’ club which he reworked into a contemporary version – a modern day home-away-from-home, a plush and cultured haven where pleasure and work collide.

Tom’s trademark metallic finishes are resplendent in the new typologies of task and pendant lights, tables and bar ware.

Sharp angular geometries are contrasted with a sculptural softness to create complete environments.

Club features a palette of metallic colours, extraordinary lighting and tactile finishes with new functions ranging from cocktail shakers to task lighting.

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tom interview

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Tom says ……… “A misspent youth in the London warehouse club scene, and a more recent series of experimental interiors designed for the new breed of private clubs, are the reasons why we have chosen to reinvigorate the fabled British Members Club into a futuristic social environment


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2014 New Tom Dixon Collection

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Taking inspiration from statuesque and sculptural pedestals, Pivot injects a sophisticated exclamation mark into a dining space, café, bar or lobby.

A series of drawn and sharply upholstered silhouettes, the Pivot collection consists of a high‑back chair, a low‑back chair and a bar stool – all made with an internal metal frame, moulded foam upholstery and rotating die‑cast aluminium base.

Generously proportioned and upholstered in a wide range of fabrics from Kvadrat.

tom dixon salone milan




copper scoop legs

Whether used as a dining chair or side chair, Scoop is all about comfort.

It is generously proportioned and its scooped shape is designed to hold the sitter in a comforting embrace.

The highly polished copper-plated legs create an unusually decorative pedestal for the sculptural form

The soft form of Scoop is achieved by applying upholstery to an injection‑moulded hard foam shell.

Available in high and low versions.


Strut table

scoop table and chair

The Strut table is a beautifully simple table base of highly reflective copper-plated steel tubes.

A Slate table top made from a single piece of dark grey slate with chamfered edge detail.

The surface is sealed to maintain a dark sleek finish and enhance the natural individuality of the stone.

Pair with our upholstered Scoop Chairs with matching copper legs.


Y Chair

dedece tom dixon y chair

The four-legged base from the Y Chair shows dual functionality as it forms the basis for the feet of the table.

A product which balances the three most important requirements demanded of a contract chair: durability, a striking silhouette and an ergonomic form.

The Y Chair’s expressive shape is glass‑reinforced nylon which means that the material can be recycled, is fatigue resistant and absorbs shock and load through its flexibility.


Beat Floor & Table

beat floor lamps

Some additions to the popular Beat family, inspired by the sculptural simplicity of traditional water vessels used in India.

Both table and floor lights incorporate the familiar hand‑beaten shade.

A slender articulated arm can be adjusted to direct light.

Solid brass componentry and iron sand cast bases create an iconic footprint for any interior.


Beat Pendant

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An exercise in expressive minimalism, the instantly recognisable pendants are now recoloured in grey with a precious internal silver plate, creating a warm, shimmering glow.

Hand‑spun by artisan craftsman in Northern India, braised and hand‑hammered, each piece is unique and a testament to the time consuming and centuries‑old process.

Finished in an external matt grey paint.

beat lights


Mirror Ball Gold

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New addition to the Mirror Ball family.

Gold vacuum metallised polycarbonate globes. Available in pendants: 25cm, 40cm and 50cm.

tom at tom dixon

Our instantly recognisable lamp was originally inspired by the space helmet and disco balls.

An extra level of sophistication is reached in a new gold finish which is created by vaporising a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe.

The vacuum deposition process results in a highly reflective gold mirrored surface, which takes on the characteristics of its surroundings. It can be used alone or in multiples to create dramatic features.



cogs and domes

A dramatic and sculptural convex mirror stripped of its frame for a minimalist take on a traditional archetype.

Unusually deep‑formed for extra optical impact, the glass is slumped into a mould and then metallised to a mirror finish.




Inspired by bridges, towers and space frames, the Pylon table collection is made of semi-transparent and lightweight occasional pieces.

Pylon is a structural research project and was initially an attempt at creating the lightest metal chair in the world.

tom dixon pylon table

These complimentary occasional pieces are semi‑transparent and lightweight yet also structurally strong functional sculptures.

Combining a hand welded copper-plated steel rod base and a smoked glass top.



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Plane is characterised by its simplicity and bold geometry: basic silhouettes made from a brass‑plated steel frame and a double layered white glass sphere.

Plane is an exercise in expressive minimalism and creates a mysterious optical illusion

tom dixon salone 2014 (9)

Available in round and triangle pendants and as a round table light.


Bell / Stripe


A new pendant addition to the Bell family.

An exercise in reductionism

A generous and luminous object with a polished mirror surface that takes on the colours and characteristics of its surroundings, Bell is our continued exploration into the ultra‑reflective.

tom dixon bell lights

Formed from pressed chrome plated steel, the dome is finished with an injection-moulded diffuser giving a soft warm light.

Stripe is a collection of rugs made from pure wool and hand-knotted to give two different heights.



tom dixon

An ode to optical engineering, Flood boasts a strong profile and takes inspiration from the automotive industry’s technical mastery – its lineage comes clearly from the modern car headlamp.

Made from injection‑moulded polymers, the result is a robust and highly reflective object which incorporates a polycarbonate lens and a removable dimmable LED.

floods 2


Trace Lights


An experiment in the magical effect of moiré patterns.

Trace uses a graphic surface pattern which produces a subtle kinetic effect in striped white light.

Made from mouth‑blown glass, the Trace lights it can be used alone or in multiples to create a cloud of ethereal luminosity.


Trace Table

tom dixon tables

A family of tables made from glass.

Combining a smoked glass top with ceramic print base detail, the finely printed stripes create an ethereal moiré pattern.

Designed for domestic or contract use


Tom Dixon Accessories

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For Tom Dixon 2014 Accessories collection pls click here


Tom Dixon’s 2014 Furniture & Lighting Catalogue


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