DePadova Sophistication @ Salone Milan 2015

DePadova Sophistication @ Salone Milan 2015


Founded by Fernando and Maddalena De Padova, the brand is composed of distinct furniture pieces and decorative objects to transform homes and offices with aesthetic appeal.

Since 1965, the showroom on Corso Venezia has displayed the De Padova collection of furniture and accents within its 2000 square space ( which George Nelson referred to as “the world’s most beautiful store ” )

depadova showroo yak setting

For 2015, DePadova, released collections which embody sophisticated comfort, natural materials and aesthetic research.

DePadova ( a symbol of Italian design ) took part in the official SALONE for the first time, and brought its’ design icons and new products to the Salone Fairgrounds




The De Padova space at Corso Venezia 14, as usual, offers an updated setting during Design Week in Milan.

This years theme is that of natural materials: raw wood, cowhide, fabrics, inspired by the animal and vegetable worlds.

The new products become installations on islands in gray painted wood, where raw beech panels ideally divide the space, and wings and canopies in white metal screen generate a play of shadows, an evocative, theatrical effect.


Coherent, never too emphatic, sophisticated, the De Padova language expresses a style— è De Padova—that has always made the company stand out on the design scene: a language that puts the accent on the aesthetic roots of De Padova, transmitting that sense of luminous lightness that is the distinguishing feature of its furnishing systems.

These are the distinctive traits of the 2015 displays, a creative solution that combines the concrete quality of De Padova furniture with a setting that lives up to the important occasion of the FuoriSalone in Milan.

depadova corso venezia 2015 (5)

depadova corso venezia 2015 (6)

depadova corso venezia 2015 (3)

Depadova YAK designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere

depadova corso venezia 2015 (7)

depadova corso venezia 2015 (8)



Salone Fairgrounds Presentation

depadova salone fairgrounds  (1)

A narrative that extends from the city center to the fair. De Padova brings a small part of its world and its style to Pavilion 20: the same aesthetic language applied in the showroom on Corso Venezia can be seen at the De Padova space at the Salone.

An itinerary through three settings, organized to best express the canons of the De Padova lifestyle and its concept of living, epitomized by the combination of iconic products from the collection, timeless classics and new developments for 2015.

To complete the presentation, the styling relies on a synthesis of objects and complements, essential elements as always to shape the mood of elegance and simplicity proposed by De Padova.

Depadova Salone entrance




2015 Products

The new developments for 2015 also include other additions to existing series and certain new finishes suggested for De Padova classics.



Design by LucidiPevere


A collection of sofas created mainly for the home sector, with the aim of offering an “extreme” but at the same time well-balanced product, avoiding the reassuring minimal lines of the contemporary sofa.


“On the one hand we have sought a balance of all natural materials to consolidate the Nordic tradition that has always been part of the De Padova brand; on the other, we have worked on the contrast between signs that contribute to the sofa’s design, where the inclined wooden legs are the counterpoint to the abundant cowhide; or between the solidity and power of the structure in natural ash and the lightness of the goosedown cushions,” _LucidiPevere explain.

depadova yak concept  (1)

Beyond this, the character and identity of the series come from its architecture of interlocks and interpenetrations of materials; through four openings that cut the legs along much of their length, the thick cowhide that forms the entire perimeter of the sofa is inserted, creating a strong, abundant housing for the cushions. Everything is held together by a wooden dowel that blocks the cowhide in a mechanical way and becomes the outstanding earmark of the sofa.

With a handcrafted image, Yak evokes faraway lands but also remote skills from the past, the techniques that have made Italian manufacturing famous all over the world.

Yak is enhanced by the choice of fabrics with materic weaves, like wool, linen, cotton and Mongolian fur, adding little accents that underscore the “primitive” character.

lucidi pevere



Design by Philippe Nigro


The armchair by Philippe Nigro with a classic look, at first glance, whose precise details silently reveal a reinterpretation in an absolutely hyper-contemporary key.

The name Albereta is a tribute to the partnership that has given rise to this project: the result of the encounter of two family businesses, sharing a passion for avant-garde living, faithful to the taste and creativity of Italian Style.

Simply or perhaps more poetically, Albereta is inspired by an armchair found in Albereta, the relais of Terra Moretti, during a visit to decide on the new furnishings of the restaurant and the bistro: entrusted to the sensitive touch of Philippe Nigro, Albereta—the chair—is reborn with a new character.

At first glance it seems like a classic armchair, something like the ones used in a fumoir or a club. It has compact proportions, but one gradually realizes it is not so classical after all.

Philippe Nigro

“In effect, it has exaggerated ears,” says Philippe Nigro. It is this exaggeration that in the overall proportions with the seat gives it character and an idea of welcoming comfort.

Its cozy, intimate form makes it possible to create small, secluded settings, but also other uses thanks to its compact size, simplicity and ability to fit into the widest range of different environments.

philippe nigro



Design by Anna von Schewen


The smart pouf combined with a small table, for both indoor and outdoor use, expanding the range of the upholstered furniture collection presented last year by Anna von Schewen.

Anna von Schewen

The design is based on the willow, whose bent branches create soft, continuous curves. The crossed joints of the structure are clear points of force, creating an expressive and functional detail, as the support for the seat and the tray-top.

The seat of the pouf, resting on the structure, creates a subtle interaction between the soft curves of the base and the volume of the upholstery. The table, on the other hand, is formed by a tray-top in stoneware. Its surface has a relief design based on the weave of a fabric. This gives the surface an intriguing character, a decisive material image.

The stoneware tray has extraordinary qualities for both indoor and outdoor use. The pouf and table can be used together with the small sofa and armchair from the series, independently or in combinations with other De Padova products.

All the Smeralda pieces are available in both indoor and outdoor versions.

anna von schewen


Existing Collection Product enhancements 2015



YUVA_LETTO med res

Yuva, the sofa system designed by the duo Sezgin Aksu and Silvia Suardi in 2012, now includes a bed conceived in an absolutely innovative way: a sort of upholstered “tray” supported by wooden legs forms the base for the mattress.

The soft headboard is a development of the back designed for the divans.


For the Bergére armchair, the classic version designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2007 is now joined by a new variation with a wooden base in oak or Canaletto walnut.


The Chab Table with tray by Nendo has gotten a new finish in eternally elegant black


While the base of the iconic Vidun table by Vico Magistretti now comes in a warmer black walnut version.


The Silver chair by Vico Magistretti now comes in a silver finish for the seat and back as well


And the Tools table now comes in a white legs configuration

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