Design for Life @ Salone Milan 2015

Design for Life @ Salone Milan 2015

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Design for Life” at Palazzo Reale ( until 24th May 2015 re Expo Milan ) is an exhibition curated by the editors of Elle Decor Italia, sponsored by the city of Milan and carried out with the support of Automobiles Citroën DS Bredaquaranta

The exhibition related to the concept of the Milanese Design for Life and presented, with a cinematic eye, 25 years of interior design as told through contemporary atmospheric editorial coverage  of houses photographed everywhere for Elle Decor Italia from 1990 until today – in order to communicate ways others live, furnish, decorate and express themselves.

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The result of a choral work that put together aesthetics, sociology, architecture, costume, and was able to return to the photo size presentations of that vision, emotional and engaging dynamics that made Elle Decor Italy a trailblazer in the world of interior design magazines.

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From great archive of the magazine, behaviors, intimacy, codes, habits, shapes, models and innovation are reassembled in the atmospheres of a unified tale that expresses the lifestyles and successive project in 25 years

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The investigations made in these years were collected in four sections  > –  ” Your soul, your home “/  ” A new living experience ” / ” Beauty and Identity “/ ” A vision for the Future ”

These four sections give life to as many installations that feature the world of design and beautiful interiors.

Which collectively identify four macro areas of interconnected trends, with domestic and social transformations from 90 years to today.

The exhibition, organised in four thematic areas, creates real devices with which to face the long journey in the temporal complexity of housing developments.

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Minotti is among the sponsors of the exhibition.  On display are some products manufactured by Minotti, such as the Glover armchair ( pictured above) and the Smith seating system ( in the gallery ), both designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Also shown was the Davide Groppi sampei floor lamp above the Minotti Smith chaise sofa

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A vision for the future – gives life to a number of multimedia installations that weave the world of design with that of interiors and architecture.

In part, the videos, kinetic filmmaker David Rapp, who at the last Venice Architecture Biennale film Elements of Architecture.  And in contextual part, with contributions by Elle Decor Italia editors

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In the first case the protagonists are furniture and objects: 52 symbols of creative and entrepreneurial world in direct relation to social changes and technological innovations.

In the second, they are pictures of interiors, keepers of these changes.

The houses are visited by Elle Decor Italy and discoveries, year after year, in a close comparison between the editors, photographers, designers and, of course, people who have hosted them, compelling narrative fulcrum.

In the video, the 4 original shots you recompose dynamic scenario, crossing a new expressive code.

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Visitors can view the historical-sociological timelines that crosses the signs in the design field with Beppe Finessi, art with Massimiliano Gioni, fashion with Maria Luisa Frisa and costume with Franco Bolelli.

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