Intrecci Italiani by Vittorio Bonacina @ Salone Milan 2015

Intrecci Italiani by Vittorio Bonacina @ Salone Milan 2015


Vittorio Bonacina presented  ” Intrecci Italiani ” ( = Italian Connections ) in the temporary Salone showroom in Via Melzo 3, normally used as the photographic studio of photgrapher Marco Beretta

Vittorio Bonacina, the historical company synonymous with rush and wicker products, presented its collections alongside the recently released publication of Italian style icon Marella Agnelli, entitled “I Cultivated my Garden” published by Adelphi editions.

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Marella Agnelli was one of the great beauties of the 20th century. Nicknamed “The Swan” by photographer Richard Avedon, she was a glamorous socialite, an elegant designer, an avid art collector, and a prolific contributor to Vogue magazine, all with a beautiful sense of self.

She began life as the Neapolitan princess Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto. She later married Gianni Agnelli, the Fiat industrialist

Agnelli’s book follows the story of interiors , places of the heart and Vita di donna Marella, the villas and parks from she conceived and designed, where are many of the iconic pieces that the company of Vittorio Bonacina has handcrafted over more than a century of its long history, all Italian


Intrecci Italiani Exhibition

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In 2014 Vittorio Bonacina celebrated 125 years of activity.

The Bonacina collection needed a more relaxed environment where people could linger and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere, compared to their previous showings within the Rho Fairgrounds where things would be faster with less time to enjoy the surroundings

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The space is also in line with the desired atmosphere by Balqis: was inaugurated with this view but it is a permanent laboratory and proceeds from the restructuring of an existing environment that Beretta has decided to leave the patina of time.

The walls have retained parts of plaster and areas in which you can see the red brick soul.

The Interior is in surprisingly bright and you breathe the air of the artisan workshop

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Opening night

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About Vittorio Bonacina

vittorio bonacina

In 1889 in Lurago d’Erba, Giovanni Bonacina founded a company producing furnishing items from rush and wicker.

1951 marked the beginning of a collaboration between the company run by Vittorio Bonacina, Giovanni’s son, and great architects including Franco Albini, Franca Helg, Gae Aulenti, Renzo Mongiardino, Gio Ponti and Giovanni Travasa.

vittorio banacina margheritta

Today Mario Bonacina, Vittorio’s son and designer, upholds the historic memory of the family business, availing himself of the contribution of designers who innovatively interpret artisan manufacture with the material.



With Fiammetta Parravicini, Elia Bonacina, Margherita L. Bonacina and Antonia Bonacina at Via Melzo 3 Milano.

Fiammetta Parravicini (l) , Elia Bonacina, Margherita L. Bonacina and Antonia Bonacina, Mario Bonacina


About Marco Beretta


marco beetta at vittorio bonacina intrecci italiani

(Italy 1967)

Marco Beretta took his first shot when he was 15 years old.

At the time that he discovered the secrets of the darkroom, he was assistant to a professional photographer.

Careful observer of men and sights, he has traveled alone in Asia over the past 20 years with his inseparable Hasselblad.

As a professional photographer, he has been devoting himself to a personal fine art project, an intimate pursuit of silent photography.

Buddhist monks images, their symbols, sacred places and moments of prayer are the subjects.

This search has led him and continues to lead Marco to extensive travels across Tibet, India, Mongolia, Laos, Burma and many other countries, collecting memories of a fascinating Far East which inspire his hand and model his sensitivity.

marco beretta-spiritus

Pondering from an airplane over the Orient or surrounded by the silence of inaccessible monasteries, his ideas take shape.

His most recent work “Spiritus” has been shown in China, Burma and India.

A life of constant travels around the world corresponds to his idea of freedom and comprehension that he brings with him.

Represented by Melesi Art Gallery in Italy and Ning Space in China, he lives and works in Milan.

marco beretta

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