1889 Bonacina ( Pt 2 / 2 ) @ Salone Milan 2016

1889 Bonacina ( Pt 2 / 2 ) @ Salone Milan 2016

stamberga 1889 bonacina salone 2016

[STAMBERGA] the iconic Milan concept art space, hosted “Contemporanei” by Vittorio Bonacina, the worldwide well-recognized company in the field of rattan, along with a selection of Pierantonio Bonacina’s icons; two cult brands of Italian design together now under the new brand Bonacina 1889.


stamberga entry

[Stamberga] is not just a showroom but a one stop art space: whilst the appearance is that of a large workshop, the walls are crumbling and leave the brick, without deliberately being fixed up to emphasize that the time left significant traces and history

It draws through every single moment, the raw concrete floor, iron and raw wood and a gentle light entering from the big windows overlooking the inner courtyard of one of the Art Nouveau buildings of the street.

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The identity changes with the change of perspective:

Art Gallery which houses ‘Spiritus’, permanent exhibition of the photographer Marco Beretta works: giants prints populated by Buddhist monks that hover in a dance or meditate in the dim light of candles.

Showroom Anthozoa Jewels, synonymous with jewelry-talisman, unique pieces, hand made and tailored; crossroad of events and rendezvous, a meeting place where you can drink a Jasmin tea or listen to a vintage vinyl, emporium of selected objects during his many travels;

Stamberga is also a bookstore and offers books from ” Block60 library Riccione”.

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The interior design features iconic pieces of Vittorio Bonacina, who chose Stamberga as a permanent location after the experience during last years Milan Design week 2015.

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Stamberga Art + Photography Books

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Spiritus by Marco Beretta

marco beretta spiritus salone 2016

Also in exhibition ” Spiritus ” permanent installation of the photographer Marco Beretta.

Giant prints focused on Buddhist monks who seem to care in the world in a dance or meditate to the dim light of a candle

These Marco Beretta print images were taken over the last seven years between Burma and Laos.

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It would be simplistic, but even worse right, define this work, entitled Spiritus.

Its iconographic research course, but also and above all an existential matrix path.

These photographs need to be included in their entirety in meaning, to long times of observation, as shown needs of long construction times.

marco beretta spiritus salone 2016 (2)

Each image is the result of discovery, of thinking, of the project.

The photographs were taken with an analog low-sensitivity film in the early hours of the day, when the light is not intense.

The monks, in fact, begin their activities at dawn with the first prayer, to continue in the afternoon with the study and meditation.

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His is not a trendy work, which emulates the attitude of some Western clichés.

The monks are simple people, dedicated to prayer and work.

In his images is the full sound and awareness of silence.

Marco Beretta managed to seize the slowness, the immateriality, the tones of the middle of this world: there are no whites, blacks, grays, rather, those of those who every day dedicate themselves to daily practices, to make a journey, a journey to a spiritual dimension of existence.

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About Marco Beretta

Born Italy 1967

marco beretta

Marco Beretta took his first photograph when he was just 15 years old and discovered the secrets of the darkroom working alongside a professional photographer.

Careful observer of men and places, traveling alone in Asia for over 20 years with his inseparable Hasselblad.

From a free-lance professional, he has devoted time to a fine art project personnel, the search for a silent picture.

Subject of the images are Buddhist monks, their symbols, sacred places and the moments of prayer.

A design that led him to move without breaks through Tibet, India, Burma, Mongolia, Laos, China and others countries, collecting evidence of a far East, which have inspired the hand and modeled sensitivity.

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