Silver, Silver by Magistretti @ Salone Milan 2015

Silver, Silver by Magistretti @ Salone Milan 2015

silver corso venezia 3

For many, it’s ‘the chair’.

25 years after its’ debut, De Padova is celebrating with a new version.

A way to commemorate the collaboration between the company and Vico Magistretti ( 1917 –  2006 )

silver corso venezia

This is how SILVER was born, entirely in aluminium, light, elegant, strong.

A single model, the one with armrests, shiny and sophisticated, to light up our living spaces.


Silver by Vico Magistretti 1989

Silver is 25 years old now, but still looks brand new.

Vico Magistretti based its design on the proportions of the legendary Thonet chair, for a seat in polypropylene and aluminium that is comfortable, light, versatile and sturdy.

Originally an architecture student, Magistretti turned to product and furniture design in the late 1940s during Italy’s post-war drive of reconstruction.

Typically, he took an existing object as his starting point and then rethought it by assessing whether it could be improved with the use of modern materials and production processes

Vico Magistretti’s Silver chair, is an homage to a classic design by Marcel Breuer from the 1920’s.

In Vico’s rendition, Breuer’s wooden frame has been replaced by aluminum; the seat and back of woven cane have become perforated plastic.


Vico Magistretti in 1989 at the launch of the silver chair


In an interview with The New York Times in 1989, Mr. Magistretti rejected the idea that works like the updated Breuer were paeans to the past.

I like memories, but this is a contemporary chair,” he said. “I feel there is a need for memory, and for not throwing out the past, especially in Europe, where we have such a historic one. To be truly contemporary, one must always have a hand in the past and a hand in the future.

silverchair by depadova

Fixed, swivel, with or without armrests, for indoor and outdoor use, also in stackable version:

Comfortable for use at the dining table or office, the chair’s perfect combination of subtle proportions and updated materials makes it a classic.

Silver, Silver: a new classic.


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