Salone Milan 2010 – SaloneSatellite Awards

Salone Milan 2010 – SaloneSatellite Awards

The SaloneSatellite is synonymous with young creativity. Indeed, its founding in 1998 was a declaration of faith on the part of Cosmit in the creative power of young designers. Many of the prototypes presented in past editions of the Satellite have gone into production, and many of the participants – more than 6,000 designers and 191 schools – have become important names in the ‘star system’, from Matali Crasset, Patrick Jouin and Harri Koskinen to Front, Xavier Lust, Satyendra Pakhalé and Paolo Ulian.

The Very First SaloneSatellite Award

The three winners of the first ever edition of the SaloneSatellite Award were announced yesterday,

in another step towards facilitating the interface between offer and demand, designers and businessmen and creativity and production. The prizes were awarded on the basis of poetry, technological innovation and social commitment.

First prize went to Nao Tamura of Nownao (USA) for the design “Seasons Serving Containers”, an interpretation of utilitarian objects inspired by both nature and technology, for her poetry.

Second prize went to the Jansson/Sandelin Studio (France) – Sebastian Jansson / Finland; Fernanda Piza / Mexico, Victor Stelmasuk / Brazil, Natalie Weinmann / Germany – for “Piezo Shower”, a self-heating shower powered by nanotechnology, for technological innovation.

Third prize went to the Lithuanian Gabriele Meldaikyte, who had already won Salone Satellite Moscow 2009, for “Single Hand Cook”, a kitchen set for the disabled.

Design Report Award

On Thursday 15th April, the traditional design report award, presented by the prestigious German journal, and awarded as part of its 11th edition each year to the most creative designer at SaloneSatellite,

Winner Francesco Faccin / Alvaro Catalan De Ocon for “Pièlettrico”, a new twist on the light bulb, providing two functions: light source and energy source for small domestic electrical appliances.

Parting from this premise, the SaloneSatellite once again pushes the cutting edge of the design world by bringing young designers and manufacturers even closer together with new regulations and a new approach to the installation.

As such, participants have been asked to present, in addition to their qualifying prototypes, one or more projects belonging to the product categories of the biennial events that accompany the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – for the 2010 edition, that means Eurocucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition.

While this may seem at first a limitation to creativity, the intention is not to spread the designers’ efforts too thin, but to channel them so that their ideas are specifically relevant to the manufacturers exhibiting at the Saloni. The new initiative constitutes therefore a further step toward facilitating the contact between supply and demand, designer and manufacturer, creativity and production.

The designers who choose to present these specialized proposals participate in a contest presided by a jury composed of internationally renowned figures in the worlds of design, manufacturing and media: Paola Antonelli, Senior Design Curator MoMA, New York; Emanuele Benedini, CEO, Agape; Carlo Guglielmi, President, Fondazione Cosmit Eventi and Cosmit; Paolo Piva, Architect; Giovanni Odoni, Director, Casamica; Alberto Scavolini, General Manager, Ernestomeda; Matteo Thun, Architect. The jury will select the three best products in the two categories represented at the Saloni this year, i.e. Kitchen and Bath.

The winners will received a cash award – something that always comes in handy for young designers – and the opportunity to do an internship with a manufacturer. Winners will also benefit from consulting and press office support in order to ensure maximum visibility of their winning projects.

A new concept like this requires a new installation. So, starting with the upcoming edition, 5 specific areas of Pavilions 22-24 will be entrusted to 5 young architects/designers who have participated in past editions of the SaloneSatellite, with the task of interpreting the 5 continents from whence they come. The overall installation will be designed as always by architect Ricardo Bello Dias, curator of every SaloneSatellite installation since its inception.

Selection for the SaloneSatellite is always very competitive, so in order to uphold its impeccable reputation for ‘matriculating’ young designers and sending them out into the market, the projects are examined and judged by a prestigious Selection Committee made up of major figures from the worlds of design, manufacturing and media: Enrico Astori, President, Driade; Emanuele Benedini, CEO, Agape; Porzia Bergamasco, Journalist, Atcasa; Luisa Bocchietto, President, ADI; Beppe Finessi, Architect/Critic; Maja Lalic, Journalist; Xavier Lust, Designer; Aurelio Magistà, Journalist, La Repubblica; Alberto Scavolini, General Manager, Ernestomeda; Caterina Tiazzoldi, Professor, Columbia University; Patricia Urquiola, Architect/Designer; Marva Griffin, Curator of the SaloneSatellite.

As in previous editions, the number of applications greatly outnumber the available slots: approximately 700 participants and 24 design schools, including debut appearances by the Académie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts, Lebanon; the International Design School, Russia; L.Un.A., Italy; the UNIBE, Dominican Republic, and the 8 design universities of the Master of European Design Programme (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland , ENSCI Les Ateliers, Paris, France , Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, Koeln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Stuttgart, Germany, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy).

In keeping with its philosophy of supporting young designers approaching the world of professional design, the SaloneSatellite has renewed its agreement with ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) that allows participants to protect their work by submitting it to the Project Registry. Copyright protection is valid only for Italy.

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