Salone Satellite ( Pt 2 / 2 ) Awards @ Salone Milan 2014

Salone Satellite ( Pt 2 / 2 ) Awards @ Salone Milan 2014

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Now in its 5th edition, the SaloneSatellite Award fosters contact between designers under 35 and the exhibiting companies, particularly those of the biennial shows that run concurrently with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – specifically for this edition, EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition.


As such, participants in the SaloneSatellite were asked to present, in addition to their prototypes, one or more projects belonging to these product categories.

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The Satellite Awards Jury was represented by illustrious figures in the world of design and manufacturing –

Paola Antonelli, Senior Design Curator, MoMA;
Elisa Astori, Driade;
Maurizio Galante, stylist and designer;
Diego Grandi, designer;
Eusebio Gualino, Gessi (International Bathroom Exhibition);
Justin McGuirk, journalist;
Andrea Molteni, Dada (EuroCucina);
Vanni Pasca, design critic and
Livia Peraldo Matton, journalist, Elle Decor

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satellite awards 2014 (2)

To choose the 3 best projects in the represented categories.

The 3 prizes consisted of a cash award and the provision of consulting and press office services, with the aim of ensuring maximum visibility of the winning designs.

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The award ceremony took place on Wed 9th April at 3:00 pm in the SaloneSatellite Arena, Pavilion 15.


Winning Satellite projects and designers and the Jury’s rationale


1st PRIZEEuro 10,000

Volta lamp, by From Industrial Design (Italy) (Directional LED lamp)

The technical approach has been skilfully worked-out and beautifully expressed in a concrete, simple and intuitive formal and functional design.

From Industrial Design – a collaboration between Manuel Amaral Netto, Cesare Bizzotto and Tobias Nitsche – won the €10,000 SaloneSatellite Award for its Volta lamp, a ceiling lamp that plays with the typology of the traditional fluorescent tube lighting.

Volta is a simple extruded aluminium profile, but its use of LED strips mean that it may be used as a directional light.

Volta is suspended from loops of copper wiring that conduct electricity to the light, but the body of the lamp may be rotated independently from these cables.

The light can be directed as required or, turned upside down, function as a source of indirect light.

“We wanted to go back to what Ingo Maurer used for his halogen lamps. He put two wires on the ceiling so he could suspend the lamps freely,” says Amaral Netto. “We were looking at a way of changing the whole mood of the room by changing the direction of the light. With Volta you can go from a work environment to a living environment instantly.”

From Industrial Design have plans to produce a granite version of their lamp.

“Immediately after we received the award there was a lot of communication about the Volta lamp which drew people to our other projects which is wonderful for us,” says Amaral Netto.


2nd PRIZEEuro 5,000

Atmos, by Arturo Erbsman (France) (Atmospheric lamp)

arturo erbsman

A narrative piece that brings three vital elements together with functional and emotional references rooted in the collective imagination.




3rd PRIZEEuro 2,500

Steptool, by Avandi (USA) (Non-slip ladder)


The incorporation of simple, innovative elements adds to the usefulness of a humble, ancient object, designed especially for use in confined spaces.

avandi steptool


Honourable Mentions


Chamotte by Ruxi Sacalis (Romania) (Chamotte food and drink set)

ruxi sacalis

For an original project exploring the reclamation and use of a natural material.


Protrude by YOY (Japan) (Clip tray)


For the practicality of a solution that adds value to an object for everyday use.

yoy tray



The German Design Report Award

design report awards  (3)

The 15th annual Salone Satellite Design Report award went to Sarha Duquesne and Levi Dethier for their Perimeter furniture collection.

Around 700 designers aged under 35 exhibited at this year’s edition, which has in the past proved a springboard for now-established designers such as Stefan Diez and Daniel Rybakken, both of whom have previously won the Design Report Award.

Sarha Duquesne and Levi Dethier, both graduates from ECAL in Switzerland, won the fifteenth edition of the Design Report Award, a prize officiated by Design Report magazine.

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Duquesne and Dethier were recognised for their Perimeter desk and shelving system, simple ash board constructions that are quick to dismantle and customise.

The award includes €7,500 prize money and the collection will be exhibited throughout the year in each of the seven international Blickfang design exhibitions.

Sarha Duquesne and Levier Dethier's Perimeter storage system

“We started with the idea of using boards and what makes a board become a desk and a shelf,” says Duquesne, “Leon Ransmeier wrote an article for Herman Miller asking ‘What is a table?’, which really inspired us.

We wanted to make everything extremely simple and to keep the surface as untouched as possible. We tried to work around the boards and used standard metal profiles for the shelf. It’s kind of reminding you of Ikea, but at the same time we are using quality materials.”

Sarha Duquesne and Levier Dethier's Perimeter storage system 2

The Perimeter collection was the first time that Duquesne and Dethier had collaborated. “It all came together quite naturally,” says Duquesne. “As a general rule I’m more comfortable with small objects and Levi is more comfortable with structures. Levi is the one who says ‘This is going to work’ or ‘This is going to be unstable’. I’m more into the graphics and the details so we’re a good fit.”

The winner of last year’s Design Report award, Poetic Lab’s Ripple lamp, is now in production for Austrian brand Lobmeyr and both of this year’s recipients are hopeful that the attention generated in Milan will translate into future commissions.  “Now that investors know we have won the prize they may make their proposals more serious,” says Duquesne.


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