Salone Satellite Awards @ Salone Milan 2015

Salone Satellite Awards @ Salone Milan 2015

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Awarded the Compasso d’Oro for career achievement last June, the SaloneSatellite returned to the Salone Milan Fairgrounds, Rho with 700 designer, 18 international schools, 4 installations and numerous appointments on the theme of design.

Now in its 18th edition, the Satellite will be open as always to the general public, free of charge, for all 6 days of the event.

Participants in the SaloneSatellite were asked to present, along with their prototypes, one or more projects within the relevant Salone product categories. ( Year of lighting & workplace )

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Having reached “adulthood”, the event dedicated to designers under 35 vaunts an impeccable pedigree, awarded last June with the Compasso d’Oro for career achievement, having involved more than 10,000 young designers in these 18 years, many of whom now enjoy international acclaim


marva griffin wilshire

It is from this extraordinary ‘nursery’ that many of today’s most acclaimed designers were hatched: from Matali Crasset and Patrick Jouin (France) to Harri Koskinen and Ilkka Suppanen (Finland), from Tomoko Azumi, Nendo and Yoy (Japan), Xavier Lust (Belgium), Sean Yoo, Nao Tamura and Cory Grosser (USA) Front and Johan Lindstén (Sweden), Daniel Rybakken (Norway), Avinash Shende and Satyendra Pakhalé (India), Federico Churba (Argentina), Tomaso Nani, Francesca Lanzavecchia and the brothers of Studio Adriano (Italy), Sebastian Herkner (Germany), Big Game (Augustin Scott de Martinville, Elric Petit and Grégoire Jeanmonod) (Switzerland), Pedro Paulo Franco (Brazil), to name just a few – as well as 270 international design schools.

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700 young designers from all over the world were pre chosen by a prestigious Selection Committee composed of key international figures    –

Lorenzo Arosio, Glas Italia; Stefano Bordone, (Kundalini srl), Assoluce President; Terry Dwan, Designer; Ugo La Pietra, Architect; JJ Martin, Journalist, Wallpaper*, Wall Street Journal; Livia Peraldo Matton, Director, Elle Decor Italia; Marco Predari, (Universal Selecta spa), Assufficio President; Sergio Riva, Owner, Dilmos srl; Daniel Rybakken, Designer SaloneSatellite – Compasso d’Oro 2014; Studio Adriano (Davide and Gabriele), Designer SaloneSatellite – Compasso d’Oro 2014; Marva Griffin Wilshire, Curator SaloneSatellite.

committee member

18 the international schools from 11 Countries.

design schools

In 2015, the Salone del Mobile will also serve as a sort of dress rehearsal for the EXPO in hosting great numbers of visitors from all over the world, the SaloneSatellite will prepare the ground for the theme of the EXPO, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.


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The theme for this year is, inevitably, tied to that of the upcoming Expo: Planet Life, which attempts here to dialogue with – and interrogate – design and its youngest creators.

Indeed, “Life Planet” is the theme of the 18th edition of the SaloneSatellite, which was articulated through the installation and the special projects created for the event by three young designers
who got their start at SaloneSatellite and one international school.

UMZIKIM (Jaehyuk Yang), a young Korean designer, presents “Gravity, the hidden ingredient”, an installation dedicated to gravity as a means of defining space. Piazza N.° 1

Francesco Faccin creates “HoneyFactory”, a place for producing honey but most of all an urban information point regarding the ancient and current beekeeping culture. Piazza N.° 2.

caterina tiazzoldi

Caterina Tiazzoldi presents “Nesting Nature”, a rest area realized with palm fronds, reflecting the web of relationships between ecosystems at Everglades National Park in Florida. Piazza N.° 3.

The Art Center College of Design of Pasadena (USA) presents “The Five Elements, the garden abstracted”, which invites us to contemplate our relationship with the five elements of Eastern philosophy – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky – and to create a stronger symbiosis with our natural resources. Piazza N.° 4.

Cristina Gabetti, journalist and writer, moderated Conversations with the 4 designers in the SaloneSatellite Arena.

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melbourne movement stand

melbourne movement stand

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Salone Satellite Awards

Conceived and devotedly run by Marva Griffin, who for 18 years has been enthusiastically following her ragazzi, as she affectionately calls them, the Salone Satellite Award continues to be a reference point for designers under 35 who are looking for the kind of visibility that only the largest design event in the world can guarantee.

The SaloneSatellite once again proposes the SaloneSatellite Award competition, now in its 6th edition, in order to foster contact between designers under 35 and the exhibitors at the Salone del Mobile

award judges

The award ceremony took place Wednesday April 15th in the SaloneSatellite Arena, pavilion 22.

A Jury made up of important international figures in the worlds of design, publishing and manufacturing chose the 3 best projects in the lighting and office sectors.



Award Prize Winners

The prizes consisted of a cash award, as well as consulting and press office support, with the aim of ensuring maximum visibility for the winning projects.


1st PRIZE – Euro 10,000

Cloud Series Lamp, Xuberance Studio (P.R. China)

salone satellite 1st prize winner

The Cloud lamps collection is produced with 3D print innovative technology.

This award is given to the project concept because it is a new product based on the relationship between the Chinese traditional aesthetic with the ancient content of the Chinese culture.

This was a project made in China ( by an international team including Italians and Greeks ) with the Cloud series of lamps, inspired by the shapes of clouds reproduced in the stone sculptures of ancient royal Chinese gardens.


The group Xuberance, based in the Bund area of Shanghai, made the lamps by using 3-D printing.

The new road taken by the design team toward aesthetic renewal of traditional Chinese culture was what convinced the international jury to award them the prize.

xuberance-wins-first-prize salone satellite


2nd PRIZE – Euro 5,000

Dandelion Mirror, Scott Haung Kinetic (Taiwan)

scott huang dandelion mirror

Dandelion interactive mirror reacts with facial movements. Friendly technology to improve your daily life was consider by the jury.

Scottie Huang from Taiwan, a media artist who explores new types of interaction, with results that are half digital, half kinetic art.

Scott Haung Kinetic (Taiwan) con il progetto Dandelion Mirror c

His interactive Dandelion Mirror reacts to the facial expression of whoever looks in the glass, and was appreciated for the friendly way in which it uses technology to improve daily life, applied to an unusual object.


3rd PRIZE – Euro 2,500

Balance Pendant, Viktor Legin of Studio Copper (Australia)


Balance Pendant is a lamp collection repositionable with a weight, which become a mobile sculpture.

The idea of developing this project with very few elements becoming ornamental piece was taken into come for award.

3rd place viktor legin

Australian Viktor Legin from Studio Copper.

His Balance Pendant lamps are made in steam-curved wood and can be positioned by means of a counterweight. The jury valued the way he developed a functional and decorative object with so few elements.




Mapuguaquèn Speakers Series, Documentary Design (Chile)

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Documentary Design submitted clay speakers called Mapuguaquèn, which combine techniques from ceramics manufacturing with wireless technology.


KC1_CLIP Coat rack, Out for Space (Germany)

out for space (2)

Out for Space were rewarded for their KC1_CLIP coat rack, inspired by the shape of a paper clip and made in “karuun”, a new natural material based on rattan.


la Rinascente

The SaloneSatellite renews its collaboration for the Salone 2015 with the renowned Milanese department store la Rinascente, which will select the products designed by the young participants in the SaloneSatellite 2015 best suited to their wares, and will then display them for sale at the Design Supermarket in Milan’s Piazza Duomo from September to Christmas.


Design Protection

In keeping with its philosophy of supporting young designers facing the professional world, the SaloneSatellite renews its agreement with ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association), for those who wish to protect the copyrights to their work by enrolling in a Project Register.

This protection is valid only in Italy.

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