Depadova Design Inspirations @ Salone Milan 2013

Depadova Design Inspirations @ Salone Milan 2013

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Design Inpirations

“Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture, to move us.” —Le Corbusier

Once again this year, De Padova presented its new products in an installation created by JoAnn Tan, thus consolidating her relationship with the company.

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The display narrates the design steps of two new chairs: Donzella and Deck.

Sketches and drawings form wings in which oversized models, like origami, alongside the actual objects, tell their stories, all with the decisive contribution of two videos made by 5e6, the group of young filmmakers who work on visual communication and production for cinema, television and the web.

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For the 52nd edition of the Salone del Mobile De Padova presents Donzella, the chair designed by Michele De Lucchi, not just as an archetype but also as a functional, contemporary piece, without sacrificing small crafted refinements that bring out its uniqueness.

“When I was asked to design the new Carimate I was very pleased, both due to my admiration for Magistretti and because the Carimate has always seemed like a very modern object to me.”


This is how Michele De Lucchi begins to describe the design idea for the Donzella chair.

“The Carimate is a “popular” chair, made with straw, one of the many interpretations of the bucket seat. I thought about the manual skills of rural artisans, who made their own tools, about the ingenuity you can see in common materials, things we see every day, their possibilities to become useful instruments. This was the case of a simple willow stick, which divides to become the handle of a rake, in the rural tradition. This chair takes advantage of the very beautiful interlock that was invented by an anonymous creator many years ago, to resolve the point of connection between the seat and the legs.”

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Deck, by Luca Nichetto, is a seating system with industrial appeal, which sets out to combine the strength of outdoor furnishings with the elegance of indoor seating, creating a collection that can fit into any environment.

“The great Transatlantic ocean liners of the past had long promenades facing the sea. These decks were made of nautical wood, which could stand up to humidity, brine and weather. The seating was made in the same way.”


This is what inspired Luca Nichetto in the design of Deck. He continues: “A collection of seats that sets out to combine the strength of outdoor furnishings with the elegance of indoor decor, creating objects that work perfectly in any situation.”

Thanks to its clean lines and adaptability to all environments, Deck is an ideal match with the Railway collection of tables, designed by Luca Nichetto for De Padova.


Other new developments from Depadova – also included solutions for the living area.


The Pilotis chair and footstool designed by Philippe Nigro, complete the Pilotis collection, joining the sofa, also in the new natural leather version




The Railway table by Luca Nichetto goes Indoor, offered for the home with a top in Cervaiole arabesque white marble, black Marquinia marble or natural oak.

It is a table with character, solid, with clean forms and rigorous functional quality.





Florinda, designed in 2011 by Monica Förster, now becomes Soft with a seat and a very simple cushion that fits into the back, all in soft polyurethane, in white and black.



Alongside the new entries for 2013, there are many other proposals, presented in elegant settings, to narrate the De Padova lifestyle and the constant evolution in terms of both quality and design of products, through different styles and aesthetic expressions.

An expansion of the Yuva sofa range designed by Aksu/Suardi, a project with soft rounded lines, based on the desire to reduce, to simplify, taking the product to its essence by starting with the idea of the cushion.

Classics issued in the new Canaletto walnut finish, from the Shine containers and table to the Tani Moto bookcase and the Reflex chest of drawers, all the way to the 606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams in the black painted version.

606 black

An exclusive selection of fabrics by è DePadova is used to cover both the new products and the classics of the collection: linens and cottons in nuances of colors and textures that make furnishings distinctive, designed for pleasant, serene moments, embodying a precise lifestyle.

Milan depdaove 2013

There are no hesitations regarding the exclusive selection of new leathers, either, enhanced by natural treatments and offered in natural colors.

depadova 606 shelving system



The know-how of the brand is evident in all things: every product in the è DePadova collection simultaneously speaks of quality craftsmanship and innovation, for a “tactile home” to caress with your fingertips, a relaxing, enjoyable place to live that leaves plenty of room for relationships, creating a welcoming whole that can seduce anyone at first glance.



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