Peroni Moments Sydney pop-up bar

Peroni Moments Sydney pop-up bar


A window teaser display has been featured in the bar prior to its opening, featuring a Peroni bottle, TVC ad display, and a scooter

Italian beer brand Peroni opened a pop up branded bar “Peroni Momenti” in Darlinghurst, Sydney this week.

The Peroni pop up bar will have an Italian theme, offering traditional Italian ‘aperitivo’ food alongside iconic Peroni and low-carb Peroni Leggera


antonio berardi

Curated by fashion designer Antonio Berardi (who is currently in town to launch the bar) there is a vibe to this new space which oozes Italian chic – thanks to the design and lighting pieces from dedece and Euroluce. Antonio’s style mandate was to create a clean and modern feel, creating a space which was relaxed and sophisticated.

Former Uccello and Buon Ricordo chef Massimo Bianchi has been enlisted to create an authentic Italian small-plate menu

Paul Gloster, marketing director at Pacific Beverages, said: … “Creating a stylish premium experience dedicated to traditions such as aperitivo is a new and innovative way for us to communicate the essence of who we are. We see Momenti Peroni bringing all the parts of Peroni together in one place at the same time, demonstrating to other outlets ways of activating concepts such as aperitivo.”

Born of the 1963 Nastro Azzurro beer, Peroni Leggera is an expertly brewed lager using the same unique, quality Italian ingredients.

Peroni Leggera, light in colour and body and has a clean, refreshing taste, with an added bitter note to provide a balanced flavour, while its effervescent sparkle acts as a great thirst quencher.

Interestingly SAB Miller brewers launched the new brand in Australia ealier this year –  to test the Sydney market reaction  before releasing in other international markets


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