Vivid Sydney Festival 2010 – Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson @ SOH

Vivid Sydney Festival 2010 – Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson @ SOH

Vivid LIVE is an artist curated festival, created and produced by Sydney Opera House.

The 2010 Festival is led by two of America’s most influential artists – Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson.

Together they have assembled a program of music, theatre and visual art which offers bold visions of contemporary American life and celebrates fearless innovation and ambition


Check out the first round of hand-picked talent that Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed will be bringing to Sydney for Vivid LIVE.  Sydney May 27 to June 11

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the next generation of musicians mingle with the masters under the soaring sails of Sydney Opera House.

Laurie Anderson is one of the most acclaimed and innovative performance artists and musicians today. Anderson’s work of the last three decades is illuminated by her enduring interests in storytelling and technology; her collaborations with avant-garde figures and the social and political contexts that have shaped her art. Anderson’s curatorial vision for Vivid LIVE will be firmly rooted in narrative storytelling, musical innovation, and the transient magic of live performance.

Lou Reed is one of the most influential, innovative musical and lyrical voices of the rock era. Always elusive, challenging and unflinchingly honest, Reed’s curatorial vision for Vivid LIVE will be driven by uncompromising artistry and fierce originality. From the Velvet Underground, to Transformer, Berlin and New York, Reed’s work is marked by its integrity and musical intensity.

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