Where is Architecture ? – Japanese architects “Work in Progress”

Where is Architecture ? – Japanese architects “Work in Progress”

This WORK IN PROGRESS exhibition of architecture consists entirely of new installations by seven groups of Japanese architects, representing a variety of ages and styles.

To create “architecture,” architects are expected to deal with a variety of conditions. This requires a way of thinking that deftly balances logic, technique, and aesthetics. One might also argue that this profound sense of balance is what has led to the international recognition of Japanese architecture. In trying to determine the special characteristics of “architecture,” therefore, examining where and in what form it arises seems more viable than simply addressing the question, “What is architecture?”

In this wide-ranging group of installations, including a space created out of three types of polyhedrons, a place where a “space” is “born and dies,” a summer house that resembles an animal, a video space that presents a day in the life of an architectural model, a fragile structure, and a field with a fantastic sense of scale, we invite the viewer to search for the architecture.

Visit the special website,with up-to-date information about the architects’ installations > WORK IN PROGRESS

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