Cool Architects and Designers at “Work”

Fashion guide for Successful Men –  Esquire’s Spring 2010 Big Black Book

The Departamento animates the essential knowledge every man needs before buying a warm-weather business suit. It highlights just how hip male architects and designers are these days !!

enjoy !

Sure, it looks like the sharp-dressed young men above are moving under their own volition, but that’s only because photographer Carlos Serrao and The Departamento built a little world for them.

While they shot ten pages worth of fantastic black-and-white shots of fantastic spring suits with a strobe camera, the creative team also filmed still frames with a super high-speed Nikon D3, because it’s one of the easiest machines to animate on top of.

A hundred and twenty frames per suit, however, were not exactly easy to bring to life: Layering nine layers of elevators and illustration — plus writing new electronic music to complete the whole ’80s vibe — took up to twenty-seven hours for a single scene.

“We purposely, painstakingly tried to have a more analog look — life before we had computers to help us,” Serrao says.


The result is Esquire’s sixth short film about fashion; you can watch the rest above, and enjoy the other product of Serrao’s shoot in the all-new Big Black Book, on sale right here .


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