Salone Milan 2010 – Green Festival

Salone Milan 2010 – Green Festival

Green Festival is the new 2010 Fuori Salone event dedicated to sustainability and the rediscovery of nature in the city.

The Current Winds Gallery will host a series of events, conversations and laboratories dedicated to the rediscovery of everyday eco-friendly.

Particular attention is devoted to the concept of garden city, A topic that is becoming very topical, especially in big cities especially after the media gave an undertaking to Michelle Obama in the creation of a garden at the White House.

Michelle Obama’s White House garden plot

Via Cesare Correnti 20


As part of the festival  “The Garden that lies”, a laboratory under the guidance of students who will teach the Minoprio Foundation to cultivate a small vegetable garden in Bacsac, bags tank completely recyclable non-woven fabric designed by a French company.

Another interesting workshop that links design. fashion and recycling is “DRESS-RUG- with the intention of creating a carpet recycling creative socks provided by the Rooster.

Milan Green Festival is also addressed to those who want to investigate some issues related to sustainability. That will be organized as a conversation “Stop it!  To rediscover nature in the city” 4 pm Thursday, April 15 which will be attended, among others, writer and journalist Pia Pera, The founder of Centro Botanico di Milano Angelo Naj Oleari the landscape Agatha Sophie Ambroise

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