Salone Milan 2010 – Elogico

Salone Milan 2010 – Elogico

After two intense years of visiting various cities of the world for exhibitions, meetings, workshops, and conferences in major events related to the design and artwork, the research, international exchange and communication project on the theme of sustainability related to “Made in Italy”, ELOGICO, will make a stop in Milan for the Fuorisalone.


During the week of the 2010 edition of the Exhibition, ELOGICO will address the theme of communication as a formula by which to demonstrate and narrate how companies are approaching sustainability. This is a creative path where innovation, research and the productive process of each product will be singularly narrated through a new “formula” that contemplates the various facets of canonical communication but that starts from a completely new view point, the sound that products make!


The DESIGN”EAR” project comes from a meeting between two versatile and innovative artists like Renato Geraci and Valerio Vicentini, the latter is already an artistic director, stylist and designer and the second is a refined contemporary composer and music producer.

The project is based on the principle that every single object emits a particular and unique sound if struck, rubbed, or even blown. Each product gives a harmonic or percussive sound and when all these sounds are mixed together according to a real “composition” and arrangement, we get an amazing result, a real orchestra that will play for visitors at the Magna Pars exhibition of the Fuorisalone at via Tortona, 15, where there will be a display of products presented by companies: .

To get the best acoustics all audio recordings will be made within a monastery from the 1100s, The Abbey of Moribondo which is located 30 km from Milan in the heart of the Ticino Park.

The Monastery of Morimondo has been recently restored and has large rooms that in the past were used by the Cistercian monks as a “scriptorium” where miniature sacred books were made. This will allow for perfect sound and evocative backstage images to be shown in the installation at Magna Pars.

The collaboration between ELOGICO and the Polytechnic University of Turin (the Design area) starter with the Milan design week. This collaboration was founded with the objective or organizing cultural and project initiatives around the theme of sustainable design and bringing together the worlds of business and academic research.

On this first occasion, the Polytechnic University of Turin will present its project and research method and its view point on environmental sustainability through the Innovazione & Design show, which is the fruit of a judicious mix of quantitative and qualitative sustainability.

The ELOGICO project is an original forum that allows companies to communicate their uniqueness, their distinctive competence and their experience on the eco-sustainability of their products rather than the manufacturing processes used on an international level.

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