Milan Salone 2010 – Tuttobene

Milan Salone 2010 – Tuttobene

The final selection of the designers have been made.

Right in the centre of Milan, in a former forge in the Via Savona, eleven Dutch designers and design studios will be presented: Marjan van Aubel, Frans Willigers, Bo Reudler Studio, Sjoerd Jonkers, Frederike Top, Studio Re-creation, Doreen Westphal, Marianne Kemp Horsehairweaving, KLFK, Emma Klinkenberg, and Event Architectuur.

The displayed work ranges from concrete vases, a porcelain cupboard, and horsehair curtains, to a robot made of scrap metal. The common factor is the sustainable character of the designs, which are produced in a way that is ecologically and socially responsible.


Connecting the Dots has succeeded in uniting all Dutch presentations in one magazine!

Connecting the Dots, the newest magazine on Dutch design to be distributed during Milan Design Week, is nearing completion. All Dutch design studios and companies active in design exhibiting in Milan can present themselves, free of charge and under their own name, in this magazine on Dutch design.

Besides a description of the Dutch presentations, the magazine contains several maps indicating the locations of the Dutch exhibitions. Connecting the Dots also serves as a guidebook and includes a number of articles on design in the Netherlands and elsewhere.


An interview with Gijs Bakker, co-founder of Droog Design, will be featured, in which he lays out his take on the latest developments in the Netherlands. ‘Opportunities for Dutch designers in Italy’ is an article by Erik Wesseling, who researched this subject at the request of the Dutch embassy in Rome and Delft University of Technology.

An interview with Alessandra Salici, Project Manager of Zona Tortona, concentrates on the special role the Dutch exhibitions play in the Zona Tortona, the most exciting part of the Milan Design Fair. A photo reportage by photographer Roos Kroes portrays several Dutch designers in their work environment: the studio.

The magazine also pays considerable attention to sustainable design from the Netherlands. Furthermore, several columns will be included by Rory Dodd, founder of Designersblock, and Jeanne Tan, freelance linchpin of the Dutch design world, among others.

Tuttobene presents Dutch design talent

The Dutch agency Tuttobene will present homegrown design talent during the 2010 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan,

Tuttobene will organize a group exhibition that offers a sample sheet of current developments in sustainable design in The Netherlands.

Up till now, Tuttobene has presented mainly young talent with high-quality work. This year it is widening its outlook. Victor le Noble, co-founder of Tuttobene: ‘although we still remain focused on beginning, talented designers, this year we want to add more perspective to our presentation by inviting designers who are little further in their professional and artistic development. For some of them it is the first time they exhibit in Milan under the umbrella of Tuttobene. In this way, we are able to present a broader and more complete image of the current state of affairs in sustainable design in The Netherlands.’

Since the design industry still lacks good product certification on durability, the group presentations of Tuttobene are the perfect opportunity to get an overview of what is going on in this field. The Tuttobene presentation in Milan is unique; it’s the only place where one can see a variety of different objects, which share one common denominator: sustainable design.

In the 2009 edition of the Salone del Mobile it went from a cupboard made of domino pieces to a table made of garden hoses, and from a lampshade of horsehair to a porcelain computer. Ecological sustainability, inspired by a socially responsible vision on design, is what all these products have in common.

The exhibition of Tuttobene has proven to be a recurring item on the agenda for many visitors. During and after the Milan Design Week, more than once it appeared to contain a number of very successful objects. Every year Tuttobene discovers new designers. At previous editions, artists like Christien Meindertsma, Kiki van Eijk, Joost van Bleijswijk, Frederik Roijé, Lotte van Laatum en Basten Leijh have presented their work. This year, it will be the seventh time that Tuttobene organises its presentation at the Salone del Mobile.


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