Depadova Photo Shoot @ Salone Milan 2014

Depadova Photo Shoot @ Salone Milan 2014

invitation 2014

The shooting of the new products with Maria Vittoria Backhaus

Photos by: Francesca Forquet

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About Maria Vittoria Backhaus


Reporter and photographer of interiors, still-life, fashion, food and nature.

She studied set design at the Brera Academy in Milan, after which she worked in close collaboration with top stylists an designers in the ‘70s during their moment of maximum creativity, whilst they were emerging on the international scene.

The setting was one of bitter political and social conflict, but also of extraordinary cultural fervour.

Her way of seeing things seems “unfashionable” in many ways. For example, at the time when the female image was flimsy, set against a white background, she would place a “real” woman in a gigantic set which told its own story. Not only these settings but also her use of lighting,  shooting techniques, choice of cameras and films, always offer an unexpected slant.

All this is not a problem to be faced each time, but rather an element already conquered and acquired to avoid wasting time.

Her past and present work is the result of strict professionalism towards her commitments.

Her photographs exist both as a record of reality and – in apparent contradiction – as a continuous invention and recounting of stories.

Her photographic shots are the opposite of improvisation: the conscious result of thought and research, the crowning moment of a mental trip.

Hence the feeling which her historic images often arouse. They never seem to age: they could have been taken yesterday, or even tomorrow.

Her work has been published in important fashion and design magazines and she has produced many publicity campaigns and catalogues.

She lives and works in Milan but spends part of her time on the Island of Filicudi.

At the moment she is also engaged in the organisation and exhibition of her personal works.


About Francesa Forquet

francesca forquet

Francesca Forquet is a young freelance photographer, living and working in Milan.

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