“More” at Depadova @ Salone Milan 2014

“More” at Depadova @ Salone Milan 2014

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Apart from prefabricated houses and coherent with its project’s name and motto, MORE researches and develops innovative solutions for various industries and challenges with the help of well-established international professionals, young talents and Universities

Beyond design. Talk and thoughts around the house and living.

During the Salone 2014, De Padova and MORE will converse with fashion, photography and the communication universe represented by fashion designer Kean Etro and Andrea Incontri, the President of Magnum Photos and photojournalist Alex Majoli and photographer Oliviero Toscani talk to each other in order to question the idea of ​​home


Both Depadova and MORE believe in the “Made in Italy” values where rigor to quality, is a hallmark

As well MORE and De Padova both recognize a shared vision of living, characterized by the idea that design is (not only) an art of which enjoy, but a tangible value to be experienced, that is worth to be lived and shared.

Both them intend to propose, with their homes and things, an experience of living where ethics and aesthetics are reflected in a coherent style, characterized by rigor and timeless elegance, deeply and authentically Italian.

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The conversations were moderated by Marella Caracciolo Chia

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Kean Etro : Since we were kids we wanted a round house. Everything in nature is soft, curved…round.

Valentina Moretti : We adapt to the needs of living with solidity

Vittorio Moretti : I could never live without My home.

con etro

Oiviero Toscani on the panel

Alex Majoli :  Home is where I find my children. My emotional space. Home is Home, just so.

Maddalena DePadova : My house is a set of elements created and put together with passion

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Andrea Incontri : My house is a space that communicates with the affectivity and memory

Kean Etro : My House is a continuim with nature

Oliviero Toscani :  You have to choose your house where you want to go on vacation. My house is The House, in Tuscany – where, for more than 10 years, he has found happiness

oliviero toscani

Vittorio Moretti : for me the House is a refuge and to be that it needs a system. I did lots of work in my life but I love my pre-fabricating work because over the years we have carried out important tasks, for us and for the lives of others.

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Andrea Incontri : said that he finds his home with his affections, that place where you find that story is your story.

“I like an everyday approach to the management of the House. I love invite friends to dinner. I’m building a casaa. I’ve always favored the retention of memory, with original doors, wooden window frames. Today I am building a new House and I would like the item that will mark out was just that, a place of nostalgia and memories”

andrea incontri


After the discussions concluded guests were treated to a breakfast / brunch prepared by Albereta Relais & Chateaux.

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breakfast is served

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More Upstairs

more upstairs

MORE is present upstairs in the De Padova showroom during all the week of the Salone, with a real architectural studio for those who wish to to check the possibility to realize the home of their dreams

more more

more pre-fab house models

Valentina Moretti at DePadova showroom.

Valentina Moretti from More Casa Project brochure



About Moretti More

more house prefabricated

MORE manufactures prefabricated houses with a unique and innovative patented system.

Five custom models were studied and designed around five different concepts. Each of them can be customized for size, plant composition, internal spaces, details, finishes and furnishings.

MORE revolutionizes the traditional purchasing process as well. It represents the only contact for customers and offers a prefabricated houses tailored service, with guaranteed schedule and costs.

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