Salone Milan 2010 – Fresh air @ Depadova

Salone Milan 2010 – Fresh air @ Depadova

                                   A cosmopolitan collection

                          Fresh air for the De Padova home

The De Padova collection is enriched, this year, with new proposals that confirm, in a fresh, modern way, the brand’s inimitable image: simplicity, elegance and coherent composition, but with something more.

The essential lines conceal very complex workmanship, like that of the Alternata component bookcase by Lemongras, with colored back inserts that add accents to the absolute white. The aesthetic details are the result of painstaking research on the strength of materials, as in the cantilevered armrest of the Tomo sofa by Naoto Fukasawa. The nonchalant style of the Chat sofa by Carlo Colombo plays with contrasts: the strength of the steel tubing of the structure vs. the yielding softness of the goosedown cushions. The graceful monumental Circle lamps by Monica Foster and the elegant Sundance folding chairs by Paolo Golinelli


For a new look at new things, the creations are the protagonists of a surprising installation.

Theatrical choreography created by set designer Paolo Di Benedetto brings out the playful, non-standard aspects of the pieces.

A new way of living with personality and creativity, conceived for the home and the workplace, for the most intimate and the most public spaces. A sign, a color, a material.

Anywhere, always, De Padova brings emotions


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