Salone Milan 2010 – Lighthouse lamp

Salone Milan 2010 – Lighthouse lamp

From the Bouroullecs……

Established & Sons invited us to conceive a contemporary lamp using the traditional know-how of Venini, Italy. For Lighthouse, our inspiration came from the observation of the sophisticated craftsmanship of Murano’s master glass blowers. The idea was to light up a voluminous round glass structure that would be supported by a delicate aluminium stick.

We worked on the precariousness of the equilibrium: there is one and only, sharp point of contact, no fixation, as if the glass was in its originate state, hanging insecurely from the blowing pipe. We wanted to work on the vulnerability of the object.

What was also interesting to us was the mix of techniques to make the three elements that craft this lamp: the base and the stick are industrially made in opposition to the glass that has been blown using old tradition methods. The color of the lamp varies in function of the Murano glass color palette, from light pink to vibrant orange.


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