Salone Milan 2010 – Toshiyuki Kita @ Triennale

Salone Milan 2010 – Toshiyuki Kita @ Triennale

Timeless Future is a sole exhibition of work over the decades, which the Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita has dedicated to finding an answer to the near future


Sruyma, is  modular sofa designed based on the idea that even if the environment changes, the basic human movements such as sit and lie down, remain unchanged. The product name comes from the Japanese Saruyama, literally “mountain monkey”, which reflects the shape, and is divided into three independent elements that can be combined to form a large circular sofa.

Kick  is a table that you encounter when running whistles: this is the image in the mind of Toshiyuki Kita when designing this coffee table, designed to be approached to chair Wink. The top can be raised and lowered, or rotated and positioned freely on usage.

Multi Lingual Chair ws designed for the 1992 Expo in Seville in the Japanese Pavilion. The technology then available was used to create a chair by the organic form, with the intent to send it a futuristic feel a sense of intimacy.

Wakmaru is n electronic device for the safety of the elderly, is a new robot for domestic use with cognitive function, able to move and to recognize voice commands and familiar faces, as well as being equipped with Internet services.


Wink is a chair that allows multifunctional stretch their legs, lie down or sit. The headrest can be moved freely and shell color on both sides can be washed and changed.

Ceremony Space is composed of pillars of painted wood and tatami mats, making it an object built using entirely natural materials. Face to remember the culture of the tatami and heart, in its 1.8 cubic meters contains a universe.

The Lamp LED Wsh is an installation composed of LED and traditional Washi paper. The technology is fused with natural materials and traditional craftsmanship: the typical cold LED light, together with Japanese Washi paper, it becomes warm light similar to sunlight.

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