Salone Milan 2010 – Minotti (updated )


At the 2010 Salone Fair Grounds – the ” stand out ”  booth was that of Minotti‘s, which gave one the feel of being in a very posh boutique hotel. Its main accent piece was a sleek table in aqua and a Chanel-inspired armchair in tweed.

Helming the design space was Renato Minotti, owner of the 60-year-old luxury furniture company.

Renato Minotti

Founded by Alberto Minotti, Renato’s father, after World War II, Minotti has grown into an international brand. In a world where cost factors are the primary consideration in manufacturing furniture, Minotti stands by its heritage of history, quality and appeal.

“The 2010 collection is welcoming, vintage and couture,” said Renato. “Welcoming because when you see the sofa, it looks more comfortable and inviting to sit on; vintage due to the lines that go back to the Scandinavian design and contemporary shapes; and couture, as portrayed by the fabrics that are similar to tweed used by fashion houses like Chanel.”

roberto minotti ( left ) renato minotti ( right )

“When it comes to color though,” he added, “we stuck to the classic shades of copper and pewter to create the timeless yet masculine feel for the furniture and ambience. ”

The commissioning of a designer such as Rodolfo Diordoni has led to seamless collections through the years. A sofa is not just a sofa but a product that provides a feel of luxury.

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