Salone Milan 2010 – Minotti(‘s) – Made in Italy

Salone Milan 2010 – Minotti(‘s) – Made in Italy

The Minotti family dynasty




Excerpts from an Interni Magazine article looking at Dynastic generation change within the leading Italian Product protagonists follow on here



Excerpt from the Interni Article looking at Dynastic generation change within the leading Italian Product protagonists

Written by Tessa Rose

“We contacted about forty key family representatives of Italian design companies and compared the views of the parents and thier offspring who are now ensconsed int he family businesses.

This has led to an interesting dialogue on the changes that companies are facing to meet the difficulties and challenges of this complicated world crisis.

The impression is that within the protagonists of the Italian design industry are emerging new generations of products, are streamlining industrial processes, are increasing investment on the retail network, direct and indirect, great energy and money are deployed in international markets more attractive.

And there is a focus, never seen before, how to tell customers and consumers, including through an instrument such as the traditional fine biography to explain who you are, where you come from, what their excellence and how it realized. The small and medium Italian enterprises gives the idea of being very responsive and inventive – not denied, then – especially in complicated situations.

And the comparison between fathers and children is also reflected another important change that design firms are facing at this moment: the generational transition. Many companies are still held firmly in the hands of founders who are struggling to leave the helm. But it is also true that many are already guided by their forties dynamic show a number of excellent quality in management and a distinctly international vocation that will serve to push the boundaries of Italian design.

Of course the genius of the fathers is not transmitted in breast milk, it must be proven on the ground. ”


Roberto Minotti, Managing Director, together with his brother Renato.

We think the real change in approach by consumers who purchase from now on will be accompanied by great attention and the feeling that you are making an investment that should last. Since there is no money to ‘throw away’ the sense of property of the product is crucial. So is the quality, the thickness of the brand, its history and values of a family that runs their business with passion. Every industry will be increasingly subject to these healthy and simple rules. The taste could adhere to forms and styles that convey the reassuring feeling to last long. Our collection this year follows this objective.


Alessio and Alessandro Minotti are the sons of Renato Minotti.

Alessio is engaged in R & D and in the purchasing department, whilst alessandro covers the commercial sector and is responsible for retail stores. Their inclusion in the company occurred just after they had completed their University studies, and since then they have been fortunate enough to work daily alongside their father and uncle – who as entrepreneurs are able to convey passion and expertise.

We believe in the team and daily interaction with others leads to excellent results. The market today has to be faced with increasingly higher skills and products that combine design and traditional values.

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