Data Visualization: Photo-Sharing Explosions

Data Visualization: Photo-Sharing Explosions

Called “Photo-sharing Explosions,” these visualizations look at the different ways that photos shared on George Takei’s Facebook page go viral once he’s posted them.

The visualization of relationships across social networks today. Each visualization is made up of a series of branches starting from a single person ( George) .

As the branch grows, re-shares split off on their own arcs, sometimes spawning a new generation of re-shares, sometimes exploding in a short-lived burst of activity. The two different colors show gender, and each successive generation becomes more and more white as time goes by.

Stamen tried to capture the frenetic energy surrounding three of the most shared images on George Takei’s Page. The data used for these visualizations spans a three-month period from July to September and is composed of shares originating from news feed.

Marvin the Martian

Ab Fab London

Famous Failures

Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco specializing in maps and data visualizations.

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