Silhouette artist – Kumi Yamashita

Silhouette artist – Kumi Yamashita

“Through my work I wish to remind ourselves of how we preconceive what is around and inside us. It is easy to passively turn to prepared information. Knowledge, ideas, and values are too often accepted without questioning.”     –Kumi Yamashita’s , 1997



Absolutely amazing shadow art produced by Kumi YAMASHITA.

These beautiful silhouettes are created by simple objects and lighting only. Definitely not a simple planning, though… Really fascinating and therapeutic.

Feather, 2006    Akiru Municipal Medical Center, Tokyo Japan   The wooden object on the wall, lit from below, casts a silhouette of a figure.

Lovers, 1999   Two silhouettes are connected together when lit

Constellation (Boy), 2007   Brads and Thread on Board

Building blocks 1977   exhibited at Boise Art Museum in Idaho. The building blocks of various widths on the wall, lit from the right, casts a silhouette of a woman.

Profile, 1994  Microsoft Art Collection  The number and the alphabet blocks, lit from the left, cast a silhouette of a man’s profile.

Exclamation Point, 2003

The exclamation point casts a silhouette of a question

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