Salone Milan 2010 – Camparitivo @ Triennale

Salone Milan 2010 – Camparitivo @ Triennale


Matteo Ragni


Matteo Ragni conceived the design for the new bar of Campari in the park of the Triennale.

The bar is the place for socializing, I was a project that came on tiptoe in the park. I also had a space for reflection. Then I coated mirrors not only reflect the views of park and open unexpected, but to allow patrons to look at each other without giving too much to see. Multiplying people also gives the feeling of being always in the midst of a party even when there are four cats. Furthermore, the objects that populate the Bar, such as the chairs, lamps, tiles lining, reproduce in different ways icon bottles Fortunato Depero. The chairs that I designed with Plank, in particular, were designed to encourage lateral posture: a tribute to Munari, another author of “historical” in fund-Campari nobody sits perfectly aligned with the right chair.


Photos by Tullio M. Puglia


Besides the double sense of irony “reflection”, I always interested in telling a story. The theme of the one hundred fifty years of Campari, marrying the unification of Italy, was an opportunity to ask you to reflect on the future hope that is the best possible future I have created the viewers – telescopes shaped bottle Campari – that open a vision of the future. While everyone might expect multi-media installation with special effects, but I wanted to say the most beautiful invitation to think the future is reading. Focusing, in fact, viewers toward the light emitted by distant planet – a big red light of Julius Iacchetti that symbolizes the planet Mars – “lights” of thoughts in the form of texts. The highest expression of human intelligence is the ability to foresee the future, assumptions and projecting into abstraction to create what does not exist

In 1932, Fortunato Depero Camparisoda designed for a bottle shaped like a cup upside down, at the suggestion of Davide Campari. Now in the second edition of the project REDesign, Matteo Ragni flips back the cup and engages the base to the crown of the bottle becomes the stem of the clicks. The new glass for the drink was created in 5,000 specimens from Pandora Design for the opening night of REDlounge, meeting space designed by the designer (with Julius Iachetti winner of the Golden Compass in 2001 for the project Moscardino) for spaces Former Industry Zona Tortona during Milan Furniture Fair hosted the event That’s Design, dedicated to young creatives

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