Salone Milan 2010 – Sony + Barber Osgerby

The Barber + Osgerby exhibition is a spectacular visual insight into Sony’s creative essence and evolving approach to design. The exhibition space at Salone drives this design concept to another level; visualising the exploration of a human-centric design essence symbolised through lifestyle-focused concepts.


For the first time ever, a showcase of Sony Design will be revealed exclusively within ZonaTortona as part of the  Salone 2010.

A sound experience and a journey through the last technological and aesthetic discoveries made by the famous company in the household field: TVs that don’t disturb who doesn’t want to listen, lamps conveying sound in the most suitable way inside the rooms  where are placed


Exclusively for this exhibition, Sony’s Design team has invited London-based designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to indulge their creativity and design knowledge, and work alongsideSony designers to realize a deeper integration of products within contemporary lifestyles expressed through conceptual archetypes.

Project leader Kaz Ichikawa, Sony Creative Centre commented, “We are most excited to reveal our future design vision at what is the most creative, lifestyle-oriented platform in the world. The Milan exhibition is a new demonstration, a showcase for the strength of our creative energy.”

Ichikawa added, “When we first met with Edward and Jay we sensed a meeting of minds which we deemed imperative for the union of creative ideas. Moreover, we felt their design ethos was complementary to our design philosophy, and their work as a pair of leading contemporary designers brings a new interpretation of individuality, lifestyle and experimentation to the whole experience.”

“Sony has been a part of the design lifestyle since iconic products like the Walkman were launched,” said Edward Barber, “so this project was a hugely exciting challenge for us. It’s been a real opportunity to show a different side of our practice. The result is a spectacular experiment.”

Jay Osgerby added, “The exhibition has given us an unprecedented opportunity to understand and explore Sony’s design. It’s been an inspiring process that has enabled us to develop new archetypes that inhabit an unexpected architectural landscape.”

Via Stendhal 35

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