Tip Ton Chair by Barber Osgerby @ Milan Design Week 2011

tip Ton collaborators photographed for Wallpaper Magazine -April 2011

London-based design studio Barber Osgerby, ( Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby,)  unveil their “Tip Ton” chair – a product made in collaboration with Swiss Co Vitra.

Although quite simple in appearance, the innovative all-plastic chair allows for a dynamic seating position thanks to a simple forward tilt, complimented in a flurry of colors. This innovative all-plastic chair provides significant ergonomic benefits in a chair of this type

The name of the ‘tip ton chair’ is derived from the object’s actual characteristics. from a resting position it tilts forward until the sitter reaches a defined point in the forward position which lies in a 9 degree angle that is created by the shape of the chair’s floor skids.

edward & jay with a prototype tip ton chair

Video production

Nexus director Johnny Kelly choreographs a pixelated expression of Vitra’s new Tip Ton chair. Johnny Kelly: “As a long-time Vitra fanboy it was a real treat to be allowed to borrow forty of their chairs to make a film. Its such a nice object that the challenge for us was to try and make something that would capture all of its attributes, while also showing off the function at the heart of its design – the tip.

During our December shoot at Clapham Road Studios, our budget didn’t stretch to heating unfortunately, but the entire team huddled in beside the set to warm up from the lights. You can probably see some feet poking in at the edge of frame if you looks closely.”

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