“The Office Network” by Knoll @ Neocon 2015

“The Office Network” by Knoll @ Neocon 2015

Knoll NeoCon 2015

At the 47th anniversary of NeoCon, the annual contract industry trade show which took place in Chicago June 15th to 17th, Knoll demonstrated a range of adaptable furniture solutions that support technology and its dynamic role in connecting people in and across workplaces.

Knoll’s theme for NeoCon 2015 was the “Office Network” which crystallized the relationship between the evolving role of social networks in the workplace and the technology networks and on-demand power and data access that enable them.

knoll showroom chicago neocon 2015

The Office Network presentations showcased areas to welcome, connect and linger, work lounge areas, connectivity hubs, flexible open plan solutions.

Knoll’s display places special emphasis on uniting the social, physical and electrical power imperatives that influence design.

Knoll delivered solutions to power the workplace, support the network and anticipate future change.


Across Knoll’s Neocon showroom visitors could see a range of furniture solutions to support technology and its dynamic role in connecting people in and across workplaces.

Today’s workplace is a reflection of an organization’s brand, culture and people, enhanced and supported by ever-changing technology.

The evolving relationship between social networks and technology in today’s workplace calls for new furniture elements that match people and their activities to the space, technology and content they need to do their work.


The Knoll 2015 NeoCon presentation built upon r/evolution workplace the company’s platform that illustrates the freedom and opportunity organizations have to re-imagine places of work.

Within the broader context of Knoll’s r/evolution workplacee platform, the new 2015 product collections reflect Knoll’s continued commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of users in the digital age.

With r/evolution workplace Knoll helps its’ our customers re-imagine their workplace exploring four different approaches – Perimeter, Core, Efficient and Adaptive – each addressing real estate, technology and individuals’ needs differently to help our customers define their next work environment – one that drives their mission forward.

knoll entrance neocon 2015

First introduced at NeoCon 2014, r/evolution workplace is a platform that enables planning and design solutions for diverse needs across real estate, technology and people, with the understanding that there is no single ‘office of the future.’

The showroom focused on powering the workplace, supporting a network of workers and delivering flexibility to evolve.

The 2015 Knoll Neocon showroom was organized around four distinct interior planning paradigms: Perimeter, Core, Efficient and Adaptive.

revolution workplace

Andrew Cogan, Knoll CEO, commented, “Enhancements to our product line-up continue to support our clients’ pragmatic workplace issues, including ergonomic adjustability, as well as their challenges in supporting today’s diverse work styles.”

knoll neocon 2015 (3)

Knoll product displayed the company’s expertise in connecting people, technology and place through products that combine planning efficiency and flexibility.

The visually-light technology channel Horsepower builds on the company’s pioneering high-performance spine-based products, Service Wall, Fence and Interpole

As a group, these products manage power and data distribution, accommodate changing workplace needs and offer different scales and planning capabilities for the office network.

knoll neocon 2015 (4)

Knoll Interpole hubs give users a place to recharge

Solutions to support the network include video-conferencing at various scales and Activity Spaces with screen sharing technologies.

Knoll products also demonstrated support for new and emerging technologies like Cisco and AppleTV, and will support emerging ones.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 fence

Knoll NeoCon 2015 ” Fence ” cable conduit spine

Knoll displays emphasize the company’s expertise in connecting people, technology and place through a breadth and depth of choice in products that combine planning efficiency and flexibility.

Each of the four r/evolution workplace areas incorporated a range of the most popular Knoll products for open plan environments, private offices and Activity Spaces, including  – Antenna Workspaces, Dividends Horizon, k.lounge, Reff Profiles, Antenna Telescope and Tone height-adjustable tables, Interpole, Anchor and Template.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 antenna telescope

Knoll NeoCon 2015 fence spine with glass screen and height adjustable antenna telescope desks

Antenna Telescope is a height-adjustable table system that combines the healthy ergonomics of adjustable height workspaces with the planning efficiency of benching.

Tone height-adjustable tables offer a range of adjustment options that allow users the freedom to personalize their workspace.

For advanced power and data needs, Fence delivers unsurpassed technology management capabilities.

Independent Horsepower is a stable structure for large video display and shelf for peripherals.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 tone

Knoll NeoCon 2015 “Tone” – height adjustable desks


New Products @ NeoCon 2015


Best of NeoCon – Gold Award winners = Pixel, Prism and The Adjaye Collection

Other Debut products = Horsepower and Pop Up


1)  Pixel by Marc Krusin ( best of Neocon Award )


Pixel by Marc Krusin is a comprehensive collection of flexible, architecturally inspired meeting tables designed so people can think, learn and work with ease.

In today’s fast-paced world, real estate and time are always at a premium.

Multi-use spaces have become common, and employees or students must work, eat, collaborate — all in the same location.

knoll neocon 2015 pixel marc krusin

marc krusin knoll pixel tables presentation

marc krusin giving a knoll pixel tables presentation

Moveable elements define a variety of work settings, allowing people to connect to each other for shared work and social activity.

Pixel features the intuitive Pixel Connect system and a patent-pending flip mechanism that makes it simple to attach, separate and nest tables for a virtually limitless range of meeting and training applications.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 pixel training / meeting tables

Knoll NeoCon 2015 Pixel training / meeting tables

Saving precious minutes and maximizing productivity, Pixel tables come apart and reconfigure quickly and easily, all by a single individual.

Plus, high-performance design details ensure it will last in even the most active environments.

knoll neocon 2015 pixel tables

knoll neocon 2015 pixel tables

Designed to shape an environment that moves to meet the needs of multiple tasks and audiences, Pixel delivers an innovative update to flexible meeting tables

Whether it’s ganged or freestanding; flipped or fixed; nested or folded, the Pixel Collection solves the long list of workspace demands.

Five base options are available.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 pixel meeting table

Knoll NeoCon 2015 pixel meeting table

Knoll NeoCon 2015 pixel private office

Knoll NeoCon 2015 pixel private office



2)  HorsePower by Antenna Design



HorsePower by Antenna Design is a visually light technology and power conduit, spirited in form and steady on its feet.

The independent, cord-set module serves as an on-demand, mobile power source suited to a range of Activity Spaces: optional seat cushions create an impromptu bench in community spaces and video display, whiteboard and open storage options equip flexible, shared work areas.

knoll neocon 2015 (2)

Configured Horsepower modules can also furnish dynamic open plan environments with hardwired, multi-circuit power, cable management, suspended storage, desk supports, modesty panels and privacy screens

Horsepower serves the adaptive office with a place to sit and recharge, a structure for whiteboards and video displays, and an efficient technology channel defining individual and group workspaces.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 horsepower (1)

Knoll NeoCon 2015 – the Interpole conduit delivers power from the building to Horsepower, which in turn delivers power to Antenna Simple Table desks

Horsepower modules can also furnish dynamic open plan environments with hardwired, multi-circuit power, cable management, suspended storage, sawhorse-style desk supports, modesty panels and privacy screens.

Horsepower supports glass, laminate or fabric screens above adjacent desks, and open or enclosed storage cabinets below.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 horsepower (4)

Activity Space with k.lounge and KnollStudio products is enclosed with Pop Up and powered by Horsepower.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 activity space k lounge popup



3)  Pop Up by Antenna Design


Knoll NeoCon 2015 – Antenna Telescope Height-Adjustable benching with new Pop Up desk wrap, which creates a more flexible alternative to fixed screens.

Pop Up by Antenna Design empowers users to shape their surroundings.

Used as an individual desk accessory, Pop Up allows users to create an ad hoc boundary when they desire focus or privacy.

The screens can also be mounted to a work surface, acting as a more flexible alternative to permanent screens.

knoll neocon pop up desk screens

The screens provide instantly adjustable space delineation, privacy and enclosure for primary and shared spaces.

In addition, Pop Up provides adaptable space delineation and enclosure in shared Activity Spaces.


Knoll NeoCon 2015 – Pop Up Screens empower users to evolve their surroundings to create privacy for focused work.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 toboggan lounge

New Antenna Concept Lounge Chairs with Pop Up Screens create a personal refuge space in the open office.

knoll neocon pop up screen and antenna lounge chair



4)  Prism by David Adjaye

knoll neocon 2015 prism collection (1)

knoll neocon david adjaye

Prism is David Adjaye’s new addition to his critically acclaimed 2013 Washington Collection for Knoll and his first foray into lounge furniture for Knoll.

The suite, which includes a club chair, an ottoman and a side table, explores twenty-first century sculptural forms that command a presence in any setting.

The three pieces are designed as geometric shapes that are also ergonomically perfected for the body.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 prism collection

Prism complements Adjaye’s Washington Skeleton and Skin chairs and Corona Table.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 adjaye washington textiles



5)  Pilot Lounge Chair by Barber Osgerby

barber osgerby chair

Knoll NeoCon 2015 barber osgerby lounge

The Barber Osgerby Lounge Chair joins Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby’s 2014 sofa lounge collection, and the Barber Osgerby Tables and Stools, introduced at Milan Salone earlier this year.

The Lounge Chair embodies refinement, comfort and exceptional craftmanship.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 BO lounge

A modern piece with a unique silhouette and innovative aluminum structure, it is available in a range of fabric and leather coverings ideal for residential and office settings, and in high and low backs.

The innovative new Barber Osgerby Swivel Lounge Chair presents both visual and material lightness.

knoll neocon 2015 barber osgerby pilot chairs


In addition, Knoll presented enhancements to existing Product Collections:


6) Dividends Horizon – product lines for open plan environments and private offices


Dividends Horizon panels paired with Tone Height-Adjustable Tables, Anchor Lockers and Mobile Pedestals, KnollExtra Monitor Arm Support create compact, delineated workspaces with a focus on ergonomics.                                 Dividends Horizon with Template Storage at the workstation and Calibre lateral files with new laminate fronts along the wall provides storage for the individual and the group

Dividends Horizon workstations with Tone Height-Adjustable Table, Anchor Storage and Remix Work Chair.

Four new corner tables that allow for L and U-shaped configurations of k. lounge straight benches, including combinations of benches with and without backs.

Dividends Horizon Faceted Worksurfaces and Satellite tops create an outward facing design to position the user toward the aisle to support collaboration while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 dividends horizon/


7)  Reff Profiles –  product lines for open plan environments and private office

knoll neocon 2015 reff profiles

Bringing enclosed spaces to the core creates the room for a greater variety of work settings.

Single or shared private offices are part of the Reff Profile vocabulary.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 autostrada private office


8) Reff Autostrada

Knoll NeoCon 2015 reff profiles meeting table interpole

Technology and cabling are managed efficiently and discreetly at this Reff Profiles meeting table, in keeping with its attention to modern and refined wood design.

Focus work in the open plan needs a clear organization of space; Interpole screens combine with AutoStrada to provide structure to a space with a modern, architectural presence.

Interpole screens also help define boundaries of enclave, team meeting and community spaces.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 autostrada interpole

AutoStrada Shared workstation with Interpole wall


9) Anchor storage collection – to provide tailored solutions for open plan environments

Knoll NeoCon 2015 dividends horizon anchor



10)  k.lounge collection

Knoll NeoCon 2015 k-lounge

The k. lounge portfolio is growing with four new corner tables that allow for L and U-shaped configurations of k. lounge straight benches, including combinations of benches with and without backs.

Tables feature an upholstered base, white laminate top.

knol neocon k-lounge



11)  KnollTextiles – including a signature debut collection by David Adjaye consisting of one wallcovering, two draperies and six upholstery fabrics, as well new designs by Dorothy Cosonas for commercial, healthcare and hospitality applications

Knoll NeoCon 2015 knoll luxe

KnollTextiles previewed The Adjaye Collection by David Adjaye.

The collection is a blend of Adjaye’s roots in Africa grounded in the language of modern textile design.

knolltextiles adjaye collection

Each product presents a unique take on geometric and organic systems through the process of weaving or printing. The end result is an extraordinary range of patterns and textures.

The collection is inspired by geography, nature and culture along with objects and textiles from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Coinciding with the launch of the collection is an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt curated by David Adjaye called ‘Adjaye Selects.’

knoll textiles 2015


12 )  Acoustic FilzFelt products by Architecture Research Office  – wall, ceiling and space-dividing solutions to aid acoustic, aesthetic and privacy by combining standard components covered in 63 colorways of 100% Wool Design Felt

knoll neocon 2015 fitz felt

Knoll NeoCon 2015 filzfelt

Knoll NeoCon 2015 spinneybeck

Knoll NeoCon 2015 filzfelt

Refuge with FilzFelt Acoustic Panels by ARO and Tone Height-Adjustable Table with Saarinen Executive Chair.

knoll neocon 2015 Impressions Acoustic panels

knoll neocon 2015 Impressions Acoustic panels

Impressions Acoustic tiles comprise 6 different classic KnollTextile patterns which have been impressed onto a high performance ultra-thin acoustic substrate to provide sound absorption in commercial spaces using a breakthrough proprietary process.


Knoll Studio Pieces

Knol NeoCon 2015

Knoll NeoCon 2015 barber osgerby lounge and stool saarinen tables

Barber Osgerby Sofa Collection with Barber Osgerby Side Table and new Barber Osgerby Swivel Chair.

Knoll NeoCon 2015 knollstudio



Knoll Future Office Talks

knoll neocon 2015 whats good for people

screen talk

kylie roth wellness seminar



About Neocon

mernchandise mart 2015

NeoCon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America, taking place at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago since 1969.

NeoCon today remains the premier platform for connecting, learning and doing business in the industry.

mart neocon chicago

The three-day event attracts nearly 50,000 design professionals and showcases more than 700 leading companies.

With over 1 million square feet of exhibition space, the show launches thousands of new products and covers a spectrum of vertical markets including Workplace, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Public Spaces, and Government.

neocon floors

The exhibition is complemented by first-class educational programming featuring over 100 accredited seminars, association forums, special events and keynote presentations that showcase leading industry and business experts.

mernchandise mart neocon 2015 c

merchandise mart chicago



About Knoll

knoll logo

Knoll is recognized internationally for workplace and residential design that inspires, evolves and endures.

Knoll’s portfolio of furniture, textile, leather and accessories brands—including Knoll, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, KnollExtra, Spinneybeck, FilzFelt, Edelman Leather, and HOLLY HUNT—reflects our commitment to modern design that meets the diverse requirements of high performance offices and luxury interiors.

A recipient of the National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement from the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Knoll is aligned with the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canadian Green Building Council and can help organizations achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) workplace certification.

Knoll is the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Fund Modernism at Risk program.

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