Salone Milan 2010 – Cut and Paste

Salone Milan 2010 – Cut and Paste

‘An imaginary world in which everything is mixed, combined and questioned:  Small & big scale…Farm and bourgeois…Simple & luxurious materials…Basic & complicated…Sketch & final result… Inspirations & processes…Different techniques & personal fascinations…Old & new projects…Reflections & impulses…Like an enormous patchwork of ideas, a collection of thoughts & curiosities. ‘

Gallery Secondome

Via Varese 14,


This is the soul of this new collection born of the collaboration between Kiki Van Eijk and Secondome director Claudia Pignatale. Two young women in their early thirties with a fresh and poetic look on design, take a very new and fresh approach, which is all about the joy of “making and sketching things” by hand, without any computer involved. The project is all about the personality and emotion found within an object. Now, more than 1 year after the first inspiration, this special collection for Secondome is finished and will have it’s world premiere in Rome!

By first making hundreds of sketches, 7 final objects have just “appeared” with diverse references such as wheel, cart, high clock, bird cage, niche, farm, bourgeois, primitive, complicated, rich, poor; they almost transform into 7 curiosities. Each curiosity becomes much more than just an object; it creates its own imaginary and personal world; very autonomous. Each object is an assembly of colours, forms and materials such as solid wood, brass, copper, ceramics, textiles, mirror, steel. It represents the joy and importance of “making things” by hand without computers and really “designing by making”.

The pieces show Kiki’s big love for materials, experimentation, tactility, research, sketches, context, settings, proportions, curiosities and every-day beauty.

It’s also a reflection of Kiki herself within the work she’s been making throughout the years and tells of the direction she will go from here.

“Cut & Paste” collection:

edition: 3 / materials

A box painted in a beautiful high gloss green colour with an off-white colour from the inside is carried by a light green base with brass wheels. When the door is open a subtle light pops out from underneath a sandblasted glass plate which holds the first sketch of this piece. This box can be used as storage, display or just as a light. The box is topped with a gold-plated “soft” ceramic jug.

edition: 20 / materials

A polished brass wire frame in a pendulum shape is holding a green ceramic “soft” circle, which functions as a clock. It’s a very open and transparent form which gives it a lot of air and lightness. It’s placed on a plateau which consists of a glass plate that balances on a white “soft” ceramic stand. The top is even finished with a “soft” cap.

photos courtesy of Arbitare

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