Salone Milan 2010 – Ora Ito

Salone Milan 2010 – Ora Ito


Ora-Ito is the name of the brand founded by French designer Ito Morabito – ( aka Ora Ito ) showing at Magna Pars in Via Tortona, 15

His new collection of products made in collaboration with famous names on the international scene the likes of Steiner, Guerlain, Christofle, Gorenje, Other-Supergrif and Step.


This is a very diverse collection that ranges from tableware to furniture bathroom furnishings from chairs to strictly black … everything!

Maybe designers don’t love him, critics don’t consider him and Mark Newson (his studio neighbour) at the beginning used to ignore him… but now many companies (like art director ) rely on Ora Ito. He realised his dream of having his own brand and he looks strong and optimistic enough not to consider who doesn’t appreciate his work

French designer Ora-Ito launches the worldwide premiere of his eponymous brand and new cobranded creations in collaboration with Steiner, Guerlain, Christofle, Gorenje, Altro-Supergrif, Stepevi, Forge de Laguiole, JCDecaux, Corian – presented entirely in black.

Located at Magna Pars, this expansive exhibition showcases Ora-Ito’s cross-disciplinary collaboration with these prestigious brands — merging vision with know-how — to create a diverse range of products that represent a cohesive view of the world. Each product has its own unique story, however presented together, they reveal a larger story of a young designer and his extraordinary collaborations with major luxury brands.

The exhibition will feature the new fragrance Idylle, in limited-edition black with Guerlain, the new ORA-GAMI furniture collection with Steiner, a futuristic carbon

collection with Gorenje, the new lifestyle collection “Arborescence” with Christofle, bathroom fixtures and objects with Altro-Supergriff, contemporary rugs with Stepevi, Furtivo, the new Laguiole knife and for the first time worldwide, a preview of urban furniture with JCDecaux, an exclusive piece with Corian and his upcoming Hotel “O” opening in Paris in December 2010.

At the age of 20, Ora-Ito was thrown into the international spotlight when he successfully generated fake publicity around the fake products he designed for real luxury brands. Almost instantly, there was a high demand for these nonexistent products — without producing a single object, he became an instant design icon. Soon after, he began to design real objects and successful brand collaborations grew in numbers.

Today, at the age of 33, Ora-Ito is recognized worldwide both as a visionary designer and a transversal design brand. He tackles each product with an innovative eye by putting aside established codes. And whether he is designing for his brand, a co-branding partnership or another brand altogether, his creations are marked with his concept, ‘Simplexity’ — the art of making a complex object look simple

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