Salone Milan 2010 – Town House Street

Salone Milan 2010 – Town House Street


A new project by Alessandro Rosso, Creator of the project and Simone Micheli famous world-renowned architect.

This is a new way of viewing the world through hospitality and the design of a network to develop fully the concept of Home Away From Home.

An innovative project that was born thinking about all the empty stores, vacant buildings located throughout the city of Milan, local soulless and movement that could be reused, turning them into comfortable hotel rooms designed to accommodate young students, couples, men  who are either on business or leisure.


The first four suites, real small apartments complete with all comfort were made with a strong modern and contemporary design of the latest generation are indeed the key words of these structures. In every room there is a main theme:

1) Represented photographically, the entire wall of the room, Cathedral Milan,

2) Columns of San Lorenzo

3) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

4) Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio.

A project that has so far been realized only in some commercial structures and vacant premises in downtown Milan, but will be extended to the whole city and, hopefully, throughout the rest of world.

Alessandro Rosso, innovator of this new project of urban requalification called “town house street”, declares:–

“Thanks to this idea the “jet lag” concept is overcome; when you travel on your own and you spend the night in room 1032 at the 16th floor of a Hotel you feel some what isolated, whereas in the Town House Street you feel plunged into the city, its rhythm, its dynamics, you can look at the street’s lights, stay in contact with the landscape and the local inhabitants, as you can do sitting at a coffee shop’s table in the open air, you make friends with other people. The city becomes your fellow traveller. You feel alive while you are looking at the city. A home with all the plus of a Hotel, with the services of a Hotel you can still have your own place”.

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