Salone Milan 2010 – Nigel Coates

Salone Milan 2010 – Nigel Coates

Revered designer and Head of Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London, Nigel Coates, is set to make his mark in a spectacular fashion at Milan this year with two new shows.

As part of Fuori Salone, new limited edition pieces will be showcased in a one-person exhibition, Baroccabilly at the Carlo Madesami Gallery on the eastern side of the city centre.

Via Carlo Piscane 16, 20129 Milano


With Baroccabilly, Carlo Madesami presents their first Nigel Coates show, with limited edition furniture and lighting pieces. Behind all of them lies the spirit of the ‘Baroccabilly’, an existential rebel outsider who finds himself lost in Baudelaire’s ‘luxe-calme-volupté’, and a type that looks for a shamanistic passion in the objects that surround him. Forms, textures, and colours switch roles to shape a beguiling installation that confirms Coates’ storytelling design vocabulary.

The Baroccabilly collection is made from luxury materials, is highly crafted, and is realised in collaboration with the historic Tuscan furniture company Poltronova in editions of twelve.

At the Rho Fiera, Coates will present a new furniture collection with Fratelli Boffi entitled Animalia.

Pavilion 8 Stand E40, Milan Fiera, Rho Milano


Nature and animal life dominate the narrative vocabulary of this brand new collection for Fratelli Boffi. Each individual piece has a sense of animation – and anima.

Capturing an animal energy within its slender curves, the collection is made from fine woods, a variety of skins, tweeds and Arcadian tapestry.

Two dining chairs, a magnificent dining table, a cocktail table, two shelving systems and a sofa system together form a vibrant collection that crystalises Coates wit and interest in craftsmanship.

This is the second large collection that Coates has realised with Fratelli Boffi. Both Scubism (2008) and Animalia (2010) build on Coates’ unmistakable ability to work with traditional forms and techniques, and to shift them unequivocally towards a vital contemporary expression.

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