Eero Aarnio – Copacabana guitar

Eero Aarnio – Copacabana guitar





The Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (b.1932) is one of the great innovators of modern furniture design. In the 1960s, Eero Aarnio began experimenting with plastics, vivid colors and organic forms, breaking away from traditional design conventions.

His now iconic plastic creations include the Ball (1963), the Pastil (1968), and the Bubble (1968) chairs which echo the pop culture and spirit of their time.

Many of Aarnio’s works are included in the world’s most prestigious museums, including Victoria and Albert Museum in London, MoMA in New York and Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.

Copacabana Guitar design by Eero Aarnio / Limited handmade production 100 guitars / Colors: = Pastill chair Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Black and White. / The Copacabana Guitar is handmade and no stock is available. / Price is approx Euro 6,649.00 per unit.

In the year 2006 Finnish guitar association Plectra and the legendary Finnish designer professor Eero Aarnio began collaborating to create the Copacabana Guitar.

The guitar association Plectra received an interesting proposition from Aarnio – to introduce the worlds first ìdesign guitarî – the Copacabana based on the iconic designs of professor Aarnio. The main man behind this collaboration, Antti Kallio, currently heads the sale of Copacabana guitars.

Eero aarnio & Antti Kallio with the first guitar made


Lottonen Guitars manufactures each Copanabana individually as an order comes in. This fully hand made instrument has received enthusiastic attention from the international press, and deservedly so – it is an authentic Lottonen Solid Tone after all!

ìWe might not have been able to pull this off with any other manufacturer. We thank Lottonen Guitars for their flexible and very enthusiastic take on making this guitar. We were able to combine unique, high quality workmanship with innovative industrial design. Juha made a significant contribution to making the Copa a successful productî -Antti Kallio, project lead.


We have always had the great opportunity to work with the best and most demanding musicians. One comment from such a musician has stayed on to become our guideline: ìLottonen means a lot of toneî.

We proudly follow this guideline from design to fabrication: creating the best quality to give you the ultimate tone.

“My greatest passion is giving your music the ultimate Tone. I offer my 20 years of craftsmanship to produce a great product for you – an instrument of your dreams, tailor made to suit your music. When we make your instrument, your music is our blueprint! ” – Juha

“When I started creating instruments with Juha, I didn’t realize how versatile and interesting the work would be. I feel that it is essential that each and every stage of fabrication is completed with the utmost care – starting with the selection of materials right through to the finishing touches. ” – Lauri








“The CopaBucker”   by    Mr. Rami Hakala, Pickup Engineer  // Mikkihouse ltd.

When I started the Pickup project with Antti, I soon understood that we are doing something really different: personal and recognisable sound but also practical in use.

When a guitar has only one pick up, the one has to be reliable in every situation. To achieve this, we arranged the traditional “pickup things and specs” in a new order. And suddenly The CopaBucker was born! In which the second coil is 1 – 1,5 kOhm more powerful. This is why the sound does not run away through the backstage and out the door when the pick up is split in half.

But, the most important difference lies in the magnets, which are my specialty—these are the elements that made the Copabuckers sound unique.

Conan O’Brian  – guitar enthusiast

The Copacabana guitar #003 went abroad. A.J. Kallio from the Finnish guitar association Plectra traveled to New York with his partners and presented a gift to Conan O’Brien who is widely known for his guitar enthusiasm.

True to form, Conan performed an impromptu concert to the TV audience present.

a guitar solo by renowned guitarist Tolonen

Copacabana chairs and Pastil chair by Adelta

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