Electric Bikes in Sth Australia

Electric Bikes in Sth Australia

South Australia is joining France, Switzerland and The Netherlands thanks to the launch of enviro-friendly, superfast, electric bicycles.

“Electric bikes are the perfect way to get from A to B. They’re designed with the average commuter in mind. You can peddle them just like an ordinary bike, but also use the electric assistance for that extra push to travel further faster, without arriving at your destination exhausted,” Managing Director of Getté Bikes, Gavin Carey.

“It’s a sweet, smooth quiet ride that is non-polluting and respects the environment. Plus, it means no more pain at the fuel pump, no registration, insurance, parking fees, or public transport fares. And they look great too,” he says.

The launch comes after the federal and state governments recognised at the end of 2009 the growing trend towards cycling and announced a joint investment of $5.7 million for upgrading specialised bicycle infrastructure throughout South Australia

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