Salone Milan 2010 – Public Design Festival

Salone Milan 2010 – Public Design Festival

Public Design Festival during Salone del Mobile 2010 at the Porta Genova and Via Vigevano areas will be transformed by installations, public interventions, services and projects by important international guests.

This is Public Design Festival’s challenge: the search for ideas and projects for public spaces carried out all over the world, in order to present during the design week interventions and installations that will transform the cities’ way of living and thinking.

The cities’ daily routine – which is every day more chaotic and difficult for the millions of people experiencing it – leads to a question: how can the urban environment surrounding us be made more comfortable, beautiful, and functional?

It means getting to know each other and the city, your neighbours, and the city’s squares, lanes, and hidden corners. It means experiencing the city, and not just cross it – it means imagining how it could be and trying to re-design it awarely.

Hence the second question: how can design change and improve the citizen’s relationship with public spaces? A series of solutions offer simple, feasible, and concrete alternatives that come from human-based design in the public space: functionality, services, the focus on the needs of a constantly changing fluid society, such as that in which we live.

Think Public: that’s the only way to survive in the contemporary society. It means sharing thoughts and ideas, information and opinions, being open, and developing projects and collaborations.

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