Salone Milan 2010 – 13.798 grams of design

Salone Milan 2010 – 13.798 grams of design

Lambretta Art Project   the Observatory for the Contemporary !

13,798 grams of design is a theme exhibition involving 45 internationally renowned and emerging designers in an investigation of their work and the importance of creativity, in an attempt to discover the factors behind the success of a product.

From raw cement to ultralight plastics, compact forms to unpredictable balances of solids and voids, miniature to giant scale, the projects in the exhibition stimulate a series of reflections on the key role of contemporary design in forecasting urgent needs and increasingly complex desires. The designers focus in these works is on the value – if such a value exists – of creativity applied to a product. In a feather-weight exhibit, the design is exposed to the blunt judgment of an ideal international office of weights and measures, in a continuous flow of images that reveal the true value, per gram, of a design object

For the upcoming edition of the Salone del Mobile, design and creativity are back, enlivening the former industrial district of Lambrate, once the home of some of the historic factories that made Milan and Italy famous in the past around the world. Innocenti with its MiniMinor, Lambretta, Faema with its production of coffee machines, were true icons of the years of the Italian economic boom.

For the Fuorisalone 2010, Ventura Lambrate continues its process of revitalization of what today is one of the most lively, dynamic cultural zones of the city, a new epicenter of research and quality applied to design, in an increasingly multicentric Milan, a city in search of new motors of creativity and innovation.

Besides the exhibition 13,798 grams of design, the Lambrate area will also present an outstanding selection of designers invited to occupy the spaces of the abandoned factories and renovated lofts of the zone.

13,798 grams of design themed exhibition curated by Maria Cristina Didero and Susanna Legrenzi for LAP – Lambretto Art Project. The show calls for the first time more than 40 internationally renowned designers and emerging signatures to deal with their work, explores the weight of creativity, trying to find out where does the success of a product.

From cement to plastics raw ultralight, compact forms of unexpected balances of full / empty, from miniature out of scale projects on display require a series of discussions around the key role of contemporary design undertaken to anticipate emergencies / needs / desires more full and complex, calling the authors to question what it is and if there is, the value of creativity applied to a product. With a lightweight construction, the design is exposed to raw opinion of an ideal international bureau of weights and measures, in an uninterrupted flow of images that reveal what is really a gram a design object.

Inga Sempe for Artecnica

Categorized according to their weight on time, the projects selected in 13,798 grams of design transform space Lambretto Art Project on a large scale of creativity where the search for innovative materials, attention to aesthetics and the push for innovation are the criteria a survey that presents the most significant projects of the items on the international scene of design, many of them unpublished for Italy.

13,798 grams of design: Atelier Oi Barber & Osgerby, Big Game, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Louise Campbell, Michel Charlot, Matali Crasset, Olivia Decaris, Oscar Diaz, Ken Eastman, Freshwest, Konstantin Grcic, Gitta Gschwendtner, Marti Guixe, Richard Hutten, Sjoerd Jonkers, Max Lamb, Arik Levy, Ross Lovegrove, Xavier Lust, Maezm, Cecilie Manz, Ilaria Marelli, Johan Olin & Aamu Song, Peter Marigold, Ben McCarthy, Nendo, Marc Newson, Fabio Novembre, Polka, Karim Rashid Adrien Rovero, Karen Ryan, Martin Saemmer, Inga Sempé, Richard Shed, Elisa Strozyk, Studio BetaTank, Usine-e, Anna Van Der Her, Kiki van Eijk, Marcel Wanders, Robert Wettstein, Maciek Wojcicki, Michael Young.


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