Tom Dixon Showroom @ Soho, New York

Tom Dixon Showroom @ Soho, New York

Opened last week to coincide with the city’s NYC x Design festival, the new Tom Dixon Soho / Manhattan outpost forms the “USA East Coast hub” for the brand, complimenting the existing store in Los Angeles.

Surrounded by like minded businesses in the design and fashion industry, Tom Dixon showcases his ever-growing range and the services of his interior design studio ” Design Research Studio.”

Formerly a chandelier shop, the generous late 19th century, 625 sqm space at 25 Greene Street, Soho, New York now showcases Tom Dixon’s rapidly expanding catalogue of lighting, furniture and home accessories in a twin floor retail store setting

The shop is spread across the ground and basement floors with the street frontage lined with slender cast-iron columns fronting large windows that bring plenty of natural light into the space.

The columns are an architectural detail typical to buildings in the area, which is known as the Soho-Cast Iron Historic District and was registered as a heritage neighbourhood in the 1970s.

White columns with decorated tops are also found inside the showroom, providing a contrast to Dixon’s contemporary designs. The columns run down the middle of the open-plan ground floor and act to separate the room into different areas.

A glazed balustrade wraps around this gap, which offers views and natural light to the level below.

Here, darker tones create a moodier setting for a series of intimate seating arrangements. Designs on show in the basement include furry versions of the Wingback Chair and another two in millennial pink, as well as the S Chairs and Y Chairs, which are named after their profiles.


London is all brick and cavernous and, well, very London. It’s Victorian industrial bones are very visible, and it incorporates 120 people, a restaurant, and a small manufacturing unit. The Hong Kong hub is more “BIJOU!” and occupies three floors on a more intimate corner location. So, the two really do differ to the Greene Street space in terms of space and style.

We really don’t want to do cookie cutter locations and try as much as possible to bring out the local character, which on Greene Street is a much more voluminous, airy space with the archetypical cast iron columns and skylights of the historic buildings—which allow us particularly to highlight our pendant lighting “ …………. Tom Dixon


Tom’s antique re-edition collection features the iconic Pylon chair, bird chaise and S chair placed under the voluminous Punch Ball light


It feels almost a bit too grown-up. But it’s also part of what we are doing in London as well, which is moving up to the next level. We’ve now got enough to show off what it is we do.”  ……………. Tom Dixon


The Tom Dixon melt lighting collection ( suspended, wall and table ) embraces the felt covered S chairs


A long table is erected on one side to display a set of copper-covered barware items as well as for brewing and serving coffee

Featured above the table is a hanging necklace of conical Top Pendant Silver Lights

Gold-toned objects that decorate this area are offset by packaged items in electric blue.


Taking inspiration from its London relocation to a headquarters in Kings Cross, Tom Dixon’s New York outpost is conceived as a malleable platform.

It will host lectures, collection launches, perhaps even a discotheque sometime soon.  ‘Why not? That’s my origin after all ” …………………………. Tom Dixon


As part of his “Around the World in 90 Days” three-month tour and to complement the opening of his NYC store, Tom Dixon unveiled his latest Black. Blue and Silver collections for the first time in the U.S. market.

The color and lacquer finish for the collection takes inspiration from traditional Japanese furniture and Bauhaus interiors.

Tom Dixon at his newly opened Soho showroom


Up until now we’ve mostly been wholesale so this is about a direct connection with customers, whether they are professionals or walk in off the street. I try to make as little distinction as possible.

I want to have things available and some action, some activity.

Downstairs, cosy environs serve as an ideal area for architects, interior designers and wholesale clients to discuss, debate and make decisions. ‘Soho is a better backdrop for everything to breathe,’ concludes Dixon.” ………………… Tom Dixon


The Soho showroom presented Tom Dixon’s newest explorations as well as a fresh colour direction for the firm.

In a move away from its popular brass and copper tones, the new collection is anchored by stainless steel, super glossy black and electric blue to give its Signature silhouettes an even stronger futuristic feel.

lights switched off


lights switched on



The Blue, The Black and The Silver all feature a rigorous application of a super glossy black, a sharp, precise stainless, and electric blue. We’ve been inspired by fetish rubber, space age silver, and pop art blue—a crisper, cleaner, and more futuristic palette for this year.”  ……… Tom Dixon


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