Tom Dixon’s “Gentlemens’ Club” @ Salone Milan 2014

Tom Dixon’s “Gentlemens’ Club” @ Salone Milan 2014

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On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2014, British designer Tom Dixon is presenting a new line of furniture, lighting and accessories under the theme of ‘CLUB’.

This year also marks Tom Dixon’s debut within the main pavilions within the Rho Fair Grounds for Milan Design Week

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Earlier this year Tom set about creating a contemporary vision of the historic British members club with photographer Peer Lindgreen and interior design division, Design Research Studio.

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The historic British Members ” CLUB ” is re-imagined as a contemporary version of the gentleman’s hangout — a modern day home-away-from-home, a plush, and cultured haven where work and play collide.


Describing the collection’s traditional source of influence, Dixon says …. ” a misspent youth spent in the London warehouse club scene, and a more recent series of experimental interiors designed for the new breed of private clubs are the reasons why we have chosen to reinvigorate the fabled British members club into a futuristic social environment.


Product Offerings


Club features a palette of metallic colours, extraordinary lighting and tactile finishes with new functions ranging from cocktail shakers to task lighting


Beat Floor & Table

tom-dixon-club-collection 2

New additions to the Beat family, inspired by the sculptural simplicity of traditional water vessels used in India.

Available in black and brushed brass, as a floor or table light with a cast iron base and a prominent on / off switch.

beat pendant

Grey beat is an exercise in expressive minimalism.

The instantly recognizable pendants are recolored in grey with a precious internal silver plate, creating a warm, shimmering glow.

tom-dixon-club-collection 7

Beat comprises of four different shapes.





The Flood Pendant takes inspiration from the automotive industry’s technical mastery — its lineage comes from the modern car headlamp.

Paying homage to optical engineering, ‘flood‘ hanging lamps boast a strong profile


Made from injection-moulded polymers with a dimmable LED – the result is a robust and highly reflective object.





A new pendant addition to the Bell family.

An exercise in reductionism, the reflective surface allows Bell to reflect its characteristics and the colours of its surroundings.



dome and etch

A series of dramatic and sculptural convex mirrors, stripped of their frame for a minimalist take on a traditional archetype.



etch light black

A new matt black version to this series of digitally-manufactured shades etched from metal.

The shade filters the light to cast a mass of complex and interesting shadows.


Mirror Ball Gold

mirror ball gold


Gold vacuum metallised polycarbonate globes – a new addition to the Mirror Ball family.

Available in pendants: 25cm, 40cm and 50cm.




An exercise in expressive minimalism.

A series of basic silhouettes made from a brass-plated steel frame and a double layered white glass sphere.

Available in round and triangle pendants and as a round table light.


Trace Light

trace lights

An experiment in the magical effect of moiré patterns.

A family of lights made from mouth-blown glass.

Comes in pendant and table standing versions






tom-dixon-club-collection 4

Generously proportioned, the Pivot upholstered seating collection takes inspiration from statuesque and sculptural pedestals.

Available as high-back, low-back or bar stool.


Y Chair

y chairs

A product which balances the three most important requirements demanded of a contract chair: durability, a striking silhouette and an ergonomic form.


Scoop Chairs  &  Slate/ Strut Table

scoop chairs and slate strut table

Scoop = A series of generously proportioned upholstered chairs designed to hold the sitter in a comforting embrace.

Available in high and low versions.

The highly polished copper-plated legs create an unusually decorative pedestal for the sculptural form.

Strut table = A table top made from a single piece of dark grey slate with chamfered edge detail.

The surface is sealed to maintain a dark sleek finish and enhance the natural individuality of the stone.

Strut is a beautifully simple table base of highly reflective copper-plated steel tubes.


Y Base with Bounce Table Top Square

tom-dixon-club-collection 5

The four-legged base from the Y Chair shows dual functionality as it forms the basis for the feet of the table.

An ideal café table, it can also be used with any of our smaller table tops.

A tactile table top made from durable polyurethane, the Bounce Table Top comes in two sizes and two different finishes – a plain black top and with an enamel insert ( which adds a vibrant pop of color.)

The Y table is waterproof and works well on any of the table bases.





Inspired by bridges, towers and space frames, the Pylon table collection is made of semi-transparent and lightweight occasional pieces.

Combining a hand welded copper-plated steel rod base and a smoked glass top.


Stripe  & Trace Table

stripe rugs and trace table

An experiment in the magical effect of moiré patterns.

A family of tables made from glass.

A collection of rugs made from pure wool and hand-knotted to give two different heights.


tom-dixon-club-collection 3

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