Rossana Orlandi @ Salone Milan 2012

Rossana Orlandi @ Salone Milan 2012

One destination that now is on top of every design-aficionado’s agenda is Spazio Rossana Orlandi – a whismical garden, gallery, shop and restaurant in Via Matteo Bandello 14 ( a sprawling space in Milan’s Magenta District ).

Located in an old die factory that once produced silk garments, this edited Art Design gallery is not just one of the best spaces where to discover the latest brave trends in design, but also an oasis where to relax and have an informal lunch during the days of Salone.

Quirky proprietor Rossana Orlandi curates a mix of product that at once feels like you’re wandering through both a refined art gallery and a off-the-wall concept store. Most of the items are artfully displayed throughout the gloriously packed store.

A firm fixture at the Salone, Spazio Rossana Orlandi’s gallery plays host to a veritable slew of designers, giving you a concentrated, curated design-fix

Rossana Orlandi hands picks the work on show and edits what is on sale at the store, so it is always full of the most interesting work around by both young designers and established companies. The work on display ranges from accessories in production to gallery-like one–off furniture pieces.

Every year for the occasion, a team of volunteers that devote the earnings of their catering service to an association of young people in need, prepare home-made delicacies to be enjoyed at a garden furnished with art design items and vintage finds from Orlandi’s archive.

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About Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Spazio Rossana Orlandi opened in 2002 in a former tie factory in Milan’s Magenta Neighbourhood.

The spaces wind around a green courtyard and they are divided between the 2-floor store, where you can find contemporary and vintage furniture

And the gallery, established in 2008, a space dedicated to limited editions and unique pieces.

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