Arik Levy – Giant Rock Sculpture

Arik Levy – Giant Rock Sculpture

giant rock 3

Permanent installation in a private collection, France.

Giant Rock is part of a series of pieces entitled “bigger than man” where we experience the object we are looking at becoming a counterbalance in space, a new gravity of both visual and emotional parameters.

At first sight we say Rock!, but at a second glance we realize it is not what we think it is, or see it as: the meteorite is a juxtaposition between man and nature. It is about what is not there, the absence, it is the pieces that are taken out that make it exist.

Built of a non geological growth, it is both hard and soft, micro-macro, a mere light reflection as well as an optical and emotional experience.

The Rocks, in true stealth fashion, disappear and reappear by reflecting us and our environment.

When seen in the great outdoors, this piece seems to have arrived from the advancement of civilization. Indoors, it  seems to have been born from the most familiar of natures.

giant rock 2

Arik Levy – mirror polished stainless steel
H 600 cm x 180 cm x 180 cm, 5200 kg

giant rock 4

giant rock 5

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