Materiality Matters to Tom Dixon @ Salone Milan 2016

Materiality Matters to Tom Dixon @ Salone Milan 2016

tom on the stand

Tom Dixon  …………  “ Marble, wood and plastic, glass, iron, brass and copper are the basic building blocks that have defined our products from the outset.”


This year, Tom took a step back and looked at his biggest influence and an underpinning inspiration for what he does: his materials.

The 2016 collection – named Materiality – is made up of five ranges, each highlighting the basic materials or “raw matter” used by the brand to create its products.

For Tom, materials are a veritable obsession. He normally tells his design audiences about the substances that he shapes, the raw matter that he forms into these extraordinary objects for everyday use.


2016 New Lighting Collections


Curve – metal


Is it a satellite, or is it an Art Deco sculpture? Neither actually.

It is a new curved geometrical light that pushes the boundaries of thin sheet etched metal fabrication. With its microscopic precision-pierced surface and soft nickel silver coating Curve internally reflects and emits a filtered glow of ethereal light.

curves 2

curve chandelier 2


FADE – polycarbonate

Fade Pendant Family

A blow moulded polycarbonate light cannon. Its teardrop shape focusses the lightbulb’s output into a satisfyingly round and luminous circle, acting as the ultimate oversized spotlight.

The metalized finish is unusual as it graduates from completely reflective to transparent in an even fade along the body of the light.


fades 2


Copper Shades – polycarbonate

copper shades (2)

The familiar sphere gets squashed then stretched to create a new pair of complimentary forms in the trademark mirrored copper, allowing new clusters to be formed, lower ceilings to be illuminated or narrow corridors to be colonised by the Copper family.

copper shades (1)

copper shade


Melt Floor + Table lamp versions– metal

Melt Copper Family with Drum Stool

Melt – an existing range of pendants designed to look like mouth-blown glass in collaboration with Swedish studio Front – has been updated with floor and table lamp versions.

Melt is a beautifully distorted lighting globe that creates a mesmerizing melting hot blown glass effect.

Translucent when on and mirror-finish when off, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light.

melt table lamp


Etch mini and Etch chandelier – metal

mini etch lights

Crafted from brass, miniaturised and given a new Soft Nickel silver finish that enhances sculptural form with reflectivity.



Flask Hero

Flask is inspired by the sharp and functional geometry of chemical laboratory glassware.

A cylinder, a sphere and a cone that work in mixed groups or more formal arrangements.

Each comprises two components – a clear rippled glass lens which produces a series of concentric, luminous rings, and a black glass shade finished in the latest oily iridescent colour.

Unfamiliar in contemporary interiors, lustre and iridescence were much prized by the ceramicists and glass-makers of the arts and crafts period. Now that the latest technology allows us to create this effect in many new ways, they are set for a return

oils and flasks



2016 New Furniture Collections


Scoop – metal

scoOp chair

Scoop sports fresh, fashionable and glamorous new brass coated legs, bringing a golden tone to the undercarriage of this comfortable dining chair with a sculptural silhouette.

scoop chairs with mass dining table


Screw – cast iron

screw table

Inspired by the materials and processes of the Industrial Revolution, Screw is made from a cast iron tripod base, updated with a wider footprint for added stability. The thread, now in steel, allows for multiple heights by simply spinning the top.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


Wing Back Ottoman – upholstery

wing back ottoman

Footstool for the wingback chair and settee

wingbacks and copper shades


Offcut Barstool + Coffee tables – timber

offcut stools (1)

A set of chunky, waney edge oak or birch components gives the owner the satisfaction of constructing their own stool or table by hammering the joins together with wooden dowels to make a solid long lasting piece of furniture.

Offcut challenges the perception of flatpack as cheap and disposable. A simple classic to go and be used anywhere.

offcut stools (4)



Current Collections on Display

wingback chairs

wingback chairs, marble lamps, flash tables and tea accessory set


lustre lights

lustre lights


melts silver

silver melt lights


copper melts

copper melts


mss dining table and scoop chairs

mass dining table, scoop chairs and a plane chandelier


wingback chair with spun collection

wingback chair, spun nrass tables and plane lights


Tom with lens lamp

Tom with lens lamp


tom dixon and pylon series


Rotonda della Bessana

rotonda dell bessana

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