Tom Dixon LookBook @ Salone Milan 2015

Tom Dixon LookBook @ Salone Milan 2015


Constantly on the hunt for more interesting spaces to show and more exciting adventures to share with his partners, customers and friends, Tom came across this abandoned cinema in central Milan, mysteriously never before used during the Salone.

With its monumental ceilings and entertainment history, it becomes the perfect setting to show, animate and sell the new Tom Dixon collections.

Tom Dixon presents his latest designs in a “temporary and contemporary selling space” called The Cinema, as part of the Designjunction show at Casa dell’Opera Nazionale Balilla.



Tom says ….. “The resourceful design entrepreneur in the modern age is now committed not just to the creation of an artefact, but also to the communication, contextualisation and commercialisation of their ideas – we wanted to build a temporary and contemporary selling space where the lines between entertainment and commerce dissolve, and the latest newness is no longer just a prototype on a pedestal but innovation available instantly – to buy now or to have delivered anywhere.”



Rather than exhibiting prototype products earmarked for sale later in the year, Dixon is showing brand new pieces that will be available to purchase or order immediately

The latest newness is no longer just a prototype on a pedestal but innovation available instantly – to buy now or to have delivered anywhere,” he added.



New Products released include –


MELT: Tom Dixon Crushed by Front

The designs include Melt, a blown-glass pendant lamp shaped like a sphere that has softened through warmth.

Designed in collaboration with Swedish studio Front, the distorted globe comes with a copper, chrome or gold-coloured finish.


LENS: Prismatic Disco Glamour

“Translucent when on and mirror-finish when off, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light,” said a statement from Dixon.

Another new spherical pendant lamp called Lens is made up from a series of prismatic glass triangles, which reference the curved Fresnel lens used in lighthouses to emit beams over long distances.

The glass portions refract the internal light source onto surrounding surfaces, creating an effect Dixon describes as “disco glamour”.


WINGBACK: A Classic Remastered

Dixon will also debut a seating range that features designs based on the 17th-century Wingback chair, with curved lobes on either side of the back, and the smaller 18th-century balloon-back chair that is nipped in to create a waist just above the arms.

Both pieces are supported by solid oak or copper legs and upholstered with fabrics from Danish company Kvadrat. The Wingback range also includes an ottoman and a sofa.

“These refined hybrids have been updated and redefined for the grandest banquets or as chairs for the fireplaces of members clubs or your living room,” said Dixon’s statement.


 Full Tom Dixn 2015 Catalogue

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furniture collection 2b

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