Organic Vibrations at the MCA @ Vivid Sydney 2017

Organic Vibrations at the MCA @ Vivid Sydney 2017

Organic Vibrations‘ is set to be a highlight as it lights up Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Organic Vibrations is a collaboration between Julia Gorman, an Australian artist whose work is currently on display in the collection galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), and Paris-based creative and artistic collective, Danny Rose  (Sergio Carrubba, Paola Ciucci, Lucia Frigola and Cédric Péri )

Together, they have create a singled, coherent artwork from the constant morphing and mutation of a series of images, which flow seamlessly over the facade of the MCA.


This installation is also a world-first in laser projection technology, supplied by projection technology experts TDC – Technical Direction Company, transforming the façade into an animated sequence of colour, movement and emotion.

This year’s installation, developed specifically for Vivid Sydney in collaboration with the MCA, draws inspiration from the shapes and colours of the natural world, and is seen as sinuous lines that appear to grow organically until they cover the art deco facade of the Museum

The installation uses projection-mapping techniques to transform the façade with images originally made by the artist in watercolour, oils, marker pen, and painting applications.

This flow of hand made images, synthesised with music, creates a multi-sensory experience as the audience follows a 10-minute animated sequence of colour, movement and emotion

The animations resolve as a series of coloured strata, like the age rings on a tree or the layers of a topographical map, flowing in successive waves across the façade, hollowing it out in places and inflating it in others.

The building is seen as a dynamic entity, always growing and changing – finally cohering into a rhythmic succession of surfaces lit from the inside.

The installation is an endless breath, a rhythmic, vibrating sound that shapes and transmutes the facade of the Contemporary Art Museum into a multitude of organic forms in constant motion.



About Danny Rose

Danny Rose is a multidisciplinary art and design collective that specializes in creating and realizing super-sized audiovisual shows, multimedia immersive experiences, interactive 3D mapping on urban surfaces, architectural art mapping, multimedia installations, light shows… ranging from music, theater, opera, museum design, light festivals, public space staging …

The team’s artistic approach is centered on synesthetic immersive experience. It has developed a concept of sensorial narration, based on cutting-edge video projection technologies and sound spatialisation to enhance a space and plunge the public into the heart of the experience.

Impressions derive from different senses, and all participate in the perception of the piece of work, which is conceived as a whole.

Danny Rose also is a pioneer in the field of interactivity, adding a new dimension to video mapping through dynamic interactivity between the body movements of the user and the immersive visual and auditive experience.

Danny Rose recently received the prize for innovative technology at the DIGI Awards in New York for Play Me! , an interactive video mapping installation.

At the AEAF Awards in Sydney, Australia, the team was recognized for their Mechanised Colour Assemblage.

Cédric Péri.

Sergio Carrubba, director, creative director and Paola Ciucci, artistic director and projection designer, are the co-founders of Danny Rose.

sergio carrubba

They are joined by the visual artists Lucia Frigola and Cédric Péri.

This creative core is sided by a network of composers, visual artists, code artists, musicians, actors, 3D designers.

A video art installation – performance on the façade of the Contemporary Art Museum of Sydney for VIVID SYDNEY 2016

The installation turned the façade into a huge canvas where the different qualities of paint are explored

Every night the audience experienced a monumental art performance as if it were really happening before their very eyes.



About Julia Gorman

Julia Gorman’s The Forties, 2016 is currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

The museum’s former Maritime Services Boardroom was re-invigroated by Gorman’s new artist commission for the first time in 25 years.

The site-specific installation features Gorman’s distinctive vinyl floor and wall drawings, as well as flutter light shades and window works

Julia Gorman is a Melbourne based artist. Spanning over 15 years, her multifaceted practice includes sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and public commissions.

Julia has worked with acclaimed architect Fender Katsalidis, well known for creating some of Melbourne’s cutting edge residential buildings.

In 2006, she worked with Becton on the iconic public art work Over and Over at the redeveloped Esplanade Hotel Apartments in St Kilda.

Renown for her bold, colourful works, Julia has exhibited widely internationally and throughout Australia, showing at major institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, The National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Her works are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, the Monash University Museum of Art, and numerous prestigious private collections

legs 2016 oil on linen by julia gorman


plastic light untitled 2011 by julia gorman

growth habits by julia gorman 2014 geelong, victoria




About the MCA  ( Museum of Contemporary Art )

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (abbreviated MCA), located in Sydney, Australia, is an Australian museum solely dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art, both from across Australia and around the world.

It is housed in the art deco-style former Maritime Services Board Building on the western edge of Circular Quay.

The museum was opened in 1991 as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and from 2010 underwent an A$58 million expansion and re-development, reopening on 29 March 2012 under its current name as the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

The collection contains over 4,000 works by Australian artists that have been acquired since 1989.

The collection spans all art forms with strong holdings in painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper and moving image, as well as significant representation of works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists

The establishment of the MCA was mandated in the will of Australian expatriate artist John Power (1881–1943), who bequeathed his personal fortune to the University of Sydney with the express purpose of informing and educating Australians in the contemporary visual arts.

With the relocation of the Maritime Services Board (MSB) to larger premises in 1989, the building and site was donated by the Government of New South Wales to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Funded by the University of Sydney and the Power Bequest, restoration and refurbishment of the building commenced in 1990 under the direction of Andrew Anderson of Peddle Thorpe/John Holland Interiors and in November 1991 the Museum of Contemporary Art officially opened.

Extensions made in 2010–12 were to a design by Sydney architect Sam Marshall.  The new extension, called the Mordant Wing, opened in March 2012

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