“Favilla – To Every Light a Voice” @ Salone Milan 2015

“Favilla – To Every Light a Voice” @ Salone Milan 2015


“FAVILLA – To Every Light a Voice” is an installation-event designed to celebrate 2015 –proclaimed the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by UNESCO.

Curated by architect Attilio Stocchi supported by the Municipality of Milan and the Salone del Mobile in synergy with Euroluce, “FAVILLA – To every light a voice” showcases the science of light.


On display from April 14th – 19th at Milan’s Piazza San Fedele, it examines light through an immersive experience that highlights the way light moves, how it is seen by the eye, and how it allows people to discover new shapes.


Favilla translates from the Italian as “spark” — a word synonymous with both light and the internal combustion engine.


Through skilful manipulation these light shapes gradually become more recognisable until the display achieves a cohesive form and takes shape as the sculptural Ford GT super car.

The interiors of a magnificent prism constitute the core of Favilla, where light is intensified like in a crystal, producing stunning effects.


It symbolizes the metaphor of the geode: the discovery of an internal world that generates amazement and wonder.

The installation aims to illustrate the “manifestation” of light, associated each time with a particular sound.

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Light as a person, with its states of mind, with its voice because – as the great French film director Robert Bresson said – sound and voice travel straight to the heart and enable light to reach still deeper inside.

A journey mapped out inside the installation will provide visitors with a stunning immersive experience devoted entirely to light.

The structure reflects that of the Greek tragedies, with a prologue, four epeisodia, four stasima and an epilogue.

Each epeisodion dedicated to one of the technical characteristics of light is followed by a stasimon/intermezzo declining their vital characteristics in the natural world: sunrays, chlorophyll and photosynthesis, rainbows.


Ford Design @ Salone


Ford highlights its commitment to innovation through design by collaborating with leading furniture design exhibition Salone del Mobile Milano to create an innovative lighting installation.

This year, Ford also displays lifestyle pieces developed by its global design teams, hosts a panel on future design trends exploring the concept of privacy and the role of “space.”

The collection of 12 Ford’s GT-inspired objects runs the gamut, inclusive of: a guitar, sailboat, side table, lounge chaise, armchair, speaker, two different light fixtures, a sculpture, foosball table, pillow, and a clock.

Each different object applies similar design solutions to form a recognisable portfolio.


Designers from Ford’s global studios exhibited the guiding principles that drive the interior design philosophy for the Ford GT – clarity of intent, innovation, and connection – applied to a range of non-automotive exhibits.


“We have an incredible amount of talent in our global studios,” said Moray Callum, vice president, Design, Ford Motor Company.

“The public rarely sees more than 10 per cent of the work that happens in our studios. This is the perfect opportunity to share some of the creativity within our team while also offering our designers an opportunity to go beyond the everyday work and get exposure to new ideas that will inspire for future Ford designs.”


All selected from a welcome design challenge where the more than a 100 submissions had to meet all of the following three criteria:

• Is a Design Object, has a real thought behind it and is not just a styling exercise
• Portrays the philosophy used to design the interior of the Ford GT
• Can be delivered in the existing time frame and with an extremely efficient use of resources


Each of the 12 objects clearly embody the all-new Ford GT’s interior design philosophy, which is driven by three principles: clarity of intent, innovation and connection.

These fundamentals are brought to life through design solutions that visually communicate fit for purpose, lean and lightweight, and perceived efficiency.


About Attilio Stocchi

Attilio Stocchi, curatore dell’installazione “Favilla. Ogni luce una voce”

Attilio Stocchi

Born in Venice in 1965, Attilio Stocchi lives and works in Milan.

His design career ranging from open spaces to monument metamorphoses, art spaces to environmental systems and layouts to installations maps out a journey of experimental research in which word and shadow are fragments in the process of building architecture.

His many open spaces include Aurea (2001), Piazza Mario Codussi in Lenna, (BG); Palinsesto (2002), Piazza Angelo Maj in Schilpario (BG); Polla (2005), Piazza Libertà in Spirano (BG); Galaverna (2005), Piazza Castello in Castel Rozzone (BG); Viridis (2006), Piazza San Fermo in Almè (BG), gained an Honourable Mention – Public Spaces and Infrastructures in 2009 – Gold Medal for Italian Architecture.

He has conceived and curated monument metamorphosis projects, including Lucegugliavoce (2007), a show in which the statues on the spires of Milan Cathedral dialogue with each other, transforming the building into an open-air theatre; skybook (2012), a multimedia event animated by the “voices” of the books conserved in the Biblioteca-Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

His interiors include Trafitta (2002), Loft in Ciserano (BG) and Iride in Milan. His parks include ParcoLumen (2011), in Lumezzane (BS), for which he won an Honourable Mention – Parks and Gardens 2012 – Gold Medal for Italian Architecture.


About Ford

Ford GT

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents.

With about 187,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln.



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