Knoll – “Good Design is Good Business”

Knoll – “Good Design is Good Business”

Knoll’s vision is to “continue to be recognized worldwide for creating superior furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure”

Knoll believes “Good Design is Good Business”.

Knoll’s commitment to modern design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio of furniture products and textiles designed to provide enduring value and help clients shape their workspaces with imagination and vision.

Since Knoll’s founding in 1938, design integrity has been their guiding principle as they offer insight into the way business is changing and into what’s possible—now and for the future.

Knoll has been recognized as a design leader worldwide. Knoll’s products are exhibited in major art museums, with more than 40 pieces in the permanent Design Collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York

Established in New York in 1937 by Hans G. Knoll the company struggled to establish itself in the, admittedly difficult, US market of the day, and aside from pieces by the New York based Danish designer Jens Risom didn’t have that much to offer.

Then in 1941 Hans G. Knoll met Florence Schust.

Not only did she become Florence Knoll in 1946; but it was Florence who persuaded Hans that the future of the company lay in designs by architects. And a such transformed the fortunes of the firm.

Florence was responsible for persuading her friend and former tutor Mies van der Rohe to join Knoll.

“I told him, “I promise you we will never allow any outrageous colors or materials to be used on your furniture.””

The rest as they say is history.

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