In Scena Outdoors by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

In Scena Outdoors by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

Paola Lenti’s latest proposal presented in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15, Milan, featured a series of architectures arranged like theatrical scenes to tell intuitions, innovations and products, of today and yesterday, in a continuous dialogue between color, matter and form.

The creative thinking of the company permeated throughout the whole installation – from the exquisite furniture pieces, to the memorable ceramic, metal and fabric installations, beautifully encapsuled within the decorations of the architecture – was revealed to visitors, in such a way that all of the components interpreting this scene brought to the creation of a coherent and balanced wholeness.

kaba sofas, lanterna lanterns, goccia table, sciara table

toku pavilions

paola lenti

bistro umbrellas, amable dining and lunge chairs, portofino chairs, kiti dining chair, otto poufs


2019 Outdoor Product releases



design Francesco Bettoni

resort pavilion. oasi sofas, gocci table, catalini ceramic tables, sika bowls

The structure is made of gloss-varnished aluminium, available in the new collection colours, and is hand woven with Twiggy yarn.

The seat and back cushions are padded with polyester fiber and polyurethane; the removable upholstery is selected among Paola Lenti’s signature outdoor fabrics.

giunco chair



design Lina Obregón

telar seating, sabi arm chairs, float chaise and agadir lanterns

telar seatinga and agadir lanterns

Lounge chair with structural cover woven by hand.

Telar stainless steel structure is gloss-varnished in the new colours in the collection.

The weave is made of elastic belts covered with a braid in Rope yarn.

telar chair


Sabi Arm Chair

design Francesco Rota

sabi arm chair and agadir lantern

Sabi armchairs, sofas and sectional elements, one of the first and most successful Paola Lenti outdoor collections, are now available with a new structural weave created by hand with a flat braid in Rope yarn.

The weave can be in one or more colours and design a checkered pattern.

detail close up sabi arm chair


Other beautiful outdoor presentations from Paola Lenti for the Salone 2019


resort pavilion, sabi sofa, lanterna lanterns, sunset low table, taiki pendant lights

resort pavilion, sabi sofa, lanterna lanterns, sunset low table, sika bowls, taiki pendant lights

bistro umbrella, sciara dining table, ami dining chairs

adagio swing, ami lunge chair, catalini ceramic tables, segni side table

orbitry chairs, heron tables

frame sofa, lido side chairs, plump throw, giro side table, berry poufs

nesso dining table, sika bowls, lido dining chairs

ma umbrella, rams daybeds, portofino chairs, sciara side tables, strap tables

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